Wednesday, February 27, 2013

long weekend

Ok so I know the official "long weekend" was last weekend but this past weekend seemed so much longer for some reason.

We chose home last weekend.  Out of all the balls that begged to be juggled, we made the unanimous decision to make home our priority.  Together we folded laundry, put away clutter, washed windows and mopped floors, leading up to this wonderful crescendo of church on Sunday followed by rest! And then we hit the ground running on Monday's holiday finishing up the business with some yard work and  outdoor maintenance which had been neglected for far too long. 

The girls were patient with us, they love each other and are already learning to play together!

 photo IMG_2119_zpsc9505763.jpg

The family time was beautiful and the house work was a necessary evil that we all must give in to on occasion as to not be featured on hoarders. The reason for the marathon of tidiness was not for piece of mind or general family health but for the weekend to follow.

The peak of a weekend's glory is all about the Friday night. It's the Christmas Eve of Weekend. Well this friday we had our semi-annual girls night. A few of my close friends and I gather at the Melting pot and spend hours poking and fishing out bread cubes and berries out of steamy hot bowls of cheese and chocolate while getting lost in conversation and embarrassing the waiter when he approaches the table while we are discussing things which probably shouldn't be discussed over dinner. We followed dinner with the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation and called it a night after midnight-an hour I typically don't see unless it requires nursing a baby. I came home to a house that had obviously hosted boys night in and Saturday welcomed us with a harsh slap in the face as Jared and I stayed up till 2:30 tidying the house after our respective nights.

One of my dearest friends, Kari, was in town from Virginia this weekend. She and her husband used to live here but as is the custom in our age group them moved away, well now they are expecting their first little girl and I was so blessed to be able to throw her a baby shower.  

 photo IMG_7599_zpsbfa9cccc.jpg
All of the cuteness the sweet little one received 

 photo IMG_7600_zpsc0cd3676.jpg
my pinterest inspired veggie "tray"

It was co-ed which worried me at first but it ended up being really fun, thanks to pinterest and some very easy-going guests!

 photo IMG_7602_zps6447476a.jpg
yes those are grown men, decorating baby girl items! 

 photo IMG_7603_zpsa0fea68d.jpg

Sunday was spent playing catch-up and going to an open house.  Our house still recovering from the craziness, but we are good. 

These two crazy weekends sandwiched a sick baby. She hosted a fever of 130.7 which accompanied a panic striken mama and heavy doses of meds and cool baths along with frantic texts to my medical friends. 

 photo IMG_2107_zps3cb93dd5.jpg

Grandpa came through town today and as usual we enjoyed lunch with he and the daddy downtown.  

  photo IMG_2041_zpsf30cd7d7.jpg

The girls are happily resting and this mama is catching up on Laundry on my Birthday-eve so that tomorrow can be spent watching Netflix and shopping! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

working title

A bit has happened since I was last able to post. As usual life is busy but really I need to stop using that as an excuse because who isn't busy. So truthfully my priorities have shifted and blogging is more of something that I do to keep friends and family that I can't talk to on a daily basis in the loop and i think I use this more of a virtual scrapbook/timeline for our lives since lets face it I have about 3 square feet of crafting space allotted to me and have no time to use it to make tangible scrap books! 

The super bowl happened, I'm embarrassed to say that I already forgot who played and won! But we went to 2 different parties. I ate my weight in appetizers, and our littles got some energy out.

 photo afbb3b7c-da9f-4ad0-a56a-1b965f6c20e4_zps8f020073.jpg

Isabella turned 1/2 year old (today she's 7 months but we all know I'm behind)

 photo 46e8a23f-5ca1-4415-ab7d-bb01c840b7ca_zpsb76cdce6.jpg

 photo 39cba0e7-afc2-483a-895f-e759b3dfcf2d_zpsf468fcfd.jpg

I know she's the cutest kid you've ever seen!

I love my girls more than life itself - so much it hurts. I know my life is SO very blessed. But having two little kids into everything, tearing up the house, constantly pulling and screaming and whining and my house is a mess (some say it's fine but for me it's a mess) and my laundry is never done and my car looks worse than a teenage boys.  Do you know this feeling? Well that has become my normal, and I'm trying to be flexible, and go with it and embrace the crazy! So last weekend when both of our families came in and we had something scheduled every night they were here it was an adventure!

Jared and Addiston had a Daddy daughter date night at church and while honestly she may still be a little too young to appreciate the concept she liked getting dressed up and even had a good time poking fun at me that she got to go on a date with Daddy!

 photo 32478134-ee0d-44b7-adbc-57129ec9999a_zpsbd143308.jpg

She was so dear and sat so still so that I could do her hair fancy. She wore jewelry and a cardigan as Jared claims all good church girls do and of course she needed a purse to match!

 photo 617379ff-41de-4b00-8f10-5505dd021d76_zps4b245cb6.jpg

 photo 59c99d6c-c346-4b09-bd60-75e7364780b8_zpsa1922eba.jpg

The contents of the purse were my favorite-she picked it out herself, lotion, chap-stick, and her superstar sunglasses! 

 photo IMG_2067_zpscacf5fbf.jpg

Jared and I had a much less glamorous breakfast date the next morning to pre-celebrate Valentines!

 photo IMG_2070_zps4646e853.jpg

We didn't get to see Jared's parents for Christmas so we finished up our gift giving in the middle of february, which was perfect because the new toy appeal was wearing off.

 photo IMG_7447_zpscef61ce4.jpg

The reason everyone was here was for Isabella to be dedicated. I know not all denominations participate in this tradition and some label it as something different but have proudly dedicated both of our girls and I personally love the sentiment! It's a public declaration that we acknowledge that children are a gift from God and that we will raise our children to know love the Lord.

 photo IMG_7488_zps52aee643.jpg

 photo IMG_7485_zps19ec0d0e.jpg

Isabella got dedicated along with Nora, her parents are some of our closest friends and I just love that this is the first of many things they will get to share!

 photo IMG_7506_zps40ac2640.jpg

Our sweet pastor prayed individual prayers over each of the girls and it was so dear to me.

 photo IMG_7483_zps8506b844.jpg

Our church prays for expectant mothers by name every week from the time a pregnancy is announced until the baby is born. This man prayed for Isabella from the time we announced we were pregnant about a year ago, he came and held her in the hospital the day after she was born and he presented her to the lord on our behalf.

My prayers are changing. And it's hard. I've grown out of praying health and happiness for my family. I have had to face some hard lessons the lord is working on we with and while I DO want my girls to be safe and healthy. But the safest place you can be is the center of God's will. And that's exactly what I'm praying they will always be in. Whether that's a teacher in Texas or a missionary in the Middle East. My prayer is that they will be bold women for Christ. That they will have a passion for Him. Period. No matter what path gets them there. And I think I'm trying to make sure I live that out in my life as well.

It snowed here a few weeks ago (As I sit here with my windows open because its in the 60s today that's comical) Addiston thought it was a lot of snow and wanted to go play in it, until she got outside that is.

 photo IMG_7429_zps2280f129.jpg

And in case you were wondering, Isabella has been comfortably sleeping in her own bed for some time now. I forgot to post the exact date but my date stamp in my camera says it was January 21st! She's such a good baby and sleeps through the night so well that we really didn't have a big reason to kick her out but I don't want her sleeping in our room when she's 4 so better now than never!

 photo IMG_7409_zps68794fde.jpg

She is also moving around so much more! Changing her clothes is going to take the place of wrestling in the olympics in 2016. She is so squirmy that it takes several distractions and often both of us to get her into anything more complicated than a onesie. She was doing much better with eating solids, not quite up to normal but almost, until she got an ear infection and that set us back but she's been there, she'll get back!

 photo f2cbc3cf-2aba-4cbf-bdbe-0ef3d01a0ee2_zps1b07e148.jpg

2 mobile children scares me! As many of you know I'm type A and my last year has had me completely out of control. It's life with little ones and I know that it's a season - but I find myself loosing it a lot more than I would like to admit. I've been so ashamed at how I snap at Jared or I get angry when Addiston refuses to obey when I've asked her something 10 times in a row.  It seems to just make my emotions get even worse and my world feel even more out of control when I don't like the way I've acted. I've been trying so hard this year to pray and have quiet times in the morning and try to get a handle on how I'm feeling.  (and the good moments far outweigh the bad......but I'm just being honest - I HATE who I am when I have those bad moments. I want to be sweet happy mom and wife all the time.) Luckily I married the king of patient and his relaxed ways while they can at time be the very thing that drive me bonkers, are the very thing I need to put things in perspective. 

 photo 845c7bbc-916f-47a9-aa4a-6a464aa7fe0b_zps7f04c8d1.jpg

This is one of the sweetest parts of every day! Jared reads to Addiston every night (2 stories and the bible) then they pray. Some nights he takes Isabella in there with him so I can straiten up the house or on the rare occasion take a bath, I love how much he loves his girls, and that he takes time to teach them and makes his family a priority!