Friday, June 28, 2013


Disclaimer:I'm posting from my phone sorry if the format goes wacky!!

So I'm sitting in the Norfolk airport waiting on my dear friend Kari to arrive with her brand new babe. It's my first time leaving my girls for pleasure and it was so much harder than I even thought it would be! I mentally prepped Addiston (& myself) all week and got her a little present for each day while I'm gone! I really thought she'd be all nonchalant & cool with me leaving since she's pretty used to Jared traveling so frequently but this morning we were cuddling (trying to delay getting out of bed) and she said I wasn't allowed to leave her! On the way to the airport a few hours later she said she was going to miss me and that did my mama heart some good.

I hugged them both extra tight wiped the inevitable tears and snapped a current pic of them both just so I have the most up to date memories possible!

Other than my sappy mom moments of the day we've been embracing summer!

I painted the girls bathroom a more kid friendly color, purple! Addiston loves it an thanks me at least three times a week.

We're occasionally practicing the riding of the bike and she's surprisingly good given how tiny she is!!

We've made a few trips to the zoo, story time at the library & to the park, however it's getting hotter and hotter so we're beginning to avoid as many outdoor activities!

Addiston just finished a two week parent/child swim class and while I'm not convinced she learned a single thing I would say she's about 15% more confident in the water, oh well!

It seems like the summer is flying by (probably because schools here start aug1) so we're trying to cram in as much as we can while avoiding the 95+ temp and insane humidity!!

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