Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Adulthood 101

Well as I shared before, our house has a small crack up the side. It's not considered a crack in the foundation but could lead to one so it needs fixed. We happily obliged to have it repaired and our buyer backed out!

We tried everything to save the contract but he got spooked and walked away.

So we went to the sellers of our new house and asked for an extension. Mind you they have been in a similar situation and before us had a seller walk away (which worked to our benefit) so they granted us a 15 day extension to have new offer on our house but need to get their house sold as well.

So to break it down we have 11 days to have an accepted offer on our house.

We, lowered the price a bit to attract new buyers and our agent is going to have an open house on Sunday.

We're feeling a bit of pressure but also trusting that everything will work out how it's suppose to.

On top of all the fun house drama. We're still functioning with just the van. The BMW was officially totaled and Jared went to clean it out yesterday. We signed over the title, turned in our keys and should have a check from insurance in a few days.

We're happy with what we're getting from insurance but if we have to get a new car we want to get ahead of the game and get one with fewer miles and maybe one that is cheaper to maintain than the BMW was. But don't want to go out and buy a new car with all of the house stuff pending.

Thankfully we have a few friends with third cars who are letting us borrow them for a few days but we'd love for things to start to settle down.

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