Friday, June 10, 2011

stream of consciousness

Ah summer is setting in, it's hot, and muggy and the birds wake up before we do. The lightning bugs twinkle along side us at night as we take our family walk and the smell of grills being fired up is a nightly tempting, as you sit there eating your gnocchi and garlic sauce (The least grillable meal ever) while smelling your neighbor searing some steaks! AH summer. I've got 14 bug bites to proove summers here, how bout you?
We've been in overdrive all week finishing up year old projects and making decorations for the little one's party Saturday. There is a bomb of pink and glitter in our spare bedroom, I kid you not there isn't even room for me to put my hand on the floor without touching something way too frilly!
I can't believe she'll be a year old already, it seems like just yesterday Jared handed her to me and I got to kiss her little cheeks and smell her sweet baby smell. Every day this week when we wake up I've been telling her about this time last year. About how Sunday was the day she was suppose to come and didn't, and how sad I was that I didn't get to meet her. That my friend Tiffany and I walked malls for 8 hours a day for three days strait trying to put me into labor. And tomorrow we are going to return to the scene of the crime, the sketchy chinese restaurant that did the trick of putting me into labor.

We've gotten into a groove, lately and I'm scared to say it because as soon as I do she'll hit a growth spurt or bud some more teeth and everything will be thrown out of wack but for now we're clicking. It's probably not the routine that I would have planned, 6am wake up calls and 20 minute naps (once a day) but lets face it I don't quite make the rules around her anymore! So I've thrown the plan out the window and have embraced the second cup of coffee!
I do however have some say in bed time, it's gotten pushed back an hour or so since the sun decided to stay out and play a little longer. We have been going on walks after dinner and Addiston loves it, she bounces up and down the whole time, pointing at different things saying "what's that?" which really sounds more like WAZZAT? but she bobs her head when she says it and then jibber jabbers as if she's answering her self. The chick is Steve Erwin in training I tell ya, I'm pretty sure she'd rather live in the trees behind our house!
After bath time we read stories if she's not acting too tired and my favorite has become a recorded one from my parents mainly because I have no work to do, I just turn the pages. She doesn't notice much till the end when my dad's tone of voice changes and he says "Love you Addy, miss you lots" that always perks her up and she smiles real big and waves to the book.
The leisurely aura of summer is slowly creeping into our routine, and we happily welcome it. Even the mundane errands suddenly take on a new vibe, trips to TJMAxx become slower-paced while we wind our cart through aisles of beach towels, pool rafts and picnic baskets.
Bring it on summer! I see your 97 degrees and raise you a pink lemonade!

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  1. Love it! Perfect post and oh how I remember the mall walking! Can't wait to celebrate tomorrow!