Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meeting the Greats & A Wedding

When I say I peeled myself out of bed this morning, I mean I literally had to self-talk my way through every body part that braved its departure from the sheets. My head was slow to the game. Yesterday was Jared's first day back at the office and that has left me feeling pretty exhausted and sore today. 

It's been an eventful week! This time last week I was running around the house in a mad frenzy gathering last minute forgotten items for our road trip to the buckeye state. We loaded our family of four, our luggage and our slue of formal attire in the car and headed North. 

I am undoubtedly a people person. I come alive in airports, on dance floors, crushed between bodies at concerts, in the line to pay at starbucks. I call people in the car on a four-minute drive so I can talk my way from my house to the nearest Publix, and I hug instead of shake hands. It’s not that I don’t like to be alone, I dream of island hammocks and quiet walks around the lake, it's just that the extroverted side of me takes over and I thrive for holiday gatherings, surprise parties, and weddings. 

Jared's little sister got married this weekend (the reason for our trip) and while I am thrilled to have been there and couldn't be happier for her and our new brother-in-law I have to admit I was pretty scared and what could have happened. Traveling with a newborn, and a 2 year old three weeks post-op had me shakin' in my boots. We packed snacks and toys and allowed our phones as back up sources of entertainment, stopped half way at my parents and did everything in our power to appease the flower girl so that she'd make it down the isle-she did, and then slept on my mom's shoulder the entire ceremony.
Sleepy flower girl

I'm realizing I feel better if I get up and out. It helps to wear lipstick and cute shoes, and it helps to know that soon I will feel good/normal, certainly by the time the season shifts, and I can dream of apple pie and baby knits simultaneously. Me and my girls-all dressed up for a very big day!

For all of my worry and fear at what this weekend could have held, it could not have gone better! Isabella got to meet all of her great grandparents. 
My grandmother

And all of Jared's grandparents. His sweet grandma Ella (Isabella's namesake) stole her during the rehearsal dinner and didn't give her up all night! What a blessing to be around family with crazy kinds of baby experience-19 great grandkids!
I didn't get a picture of her with his dad's parents-second child fail!

We are happy to be home now and I've almost caught up with laundry, my house is in the worst state it's been since we've moved in and my husband doesn't know it but Saturday may turn into family cleaning day. I'm still not allowed to pick up Addiston or anything over 10 pounds-because of the c-section, so we're relying on Disney movies and extra snacks to keep things calm. 

Our family of four: 

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