Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sister, Sister

We're slowly finding our groove around the Miller household these days. The help has left and I'm on the mend so we're finding our new routine and getting to know ourselves as a family of four!

Our first family outing was to church on Sunday. After I had Addiston I was perfectly content to hole up in the house for 6 weeks only leaving to go to doctor's appointments. This time around after about 5 days home I started to go stir crazy. I was a rebel and talked Jared into letting me go to church (3 days before I was suppose to leave the house) I needed out and it was good for my soul to be in service and to introduce our newest addition to our amazing church family!
Yes we all 4 coordinate, we always do when we go to church but I have a feeling it gets exponentially harder with each family member added. (not to mention the fact that Jared only owns 2 pink shirts)

Isabella is two weeks old today and to us it's been obvious from the moment we saw her that she looks just like her big sister. I was ecstatic about this little tid-bit. I have three sisters and while I look as if I could be related to one of them I always envied those that you could without a shadow of a doubt tell were siblings! Isabella was born exactly 1 pound lighter than Addiston and besides filling out a little the only noticeable difference is that her hair isn't quite as long.

An hour after birth
birth pic

Hospital picture
hospital pic
(yes I made sure they wore the same outfit-I just love the pink ruffles!)

Headed home
car seat

In the little time we've had with two girls we've already had fun dressing them alike. I know that my time in doing this is limited! I HATE my childhood pictures where I'm wearing the exact same outfit as my siblings. I don't mind coordinating and looking like a family but everyone wearing the same thing is only cute on the very young-and unknowing!


I know they can't wear these individually! They remind me of my grandma. She used to tell all of her children, and grandchildren that we were her favorite-in private of course as to not let on to the others of her game. We all thought that we were her pride and joy until one day we wised up and put the pieces together.

Well thats it for now. I'll be back soon to update about our adventures with 2 girls but for now I need rest and a drink of water!

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  1. Lindsey you look amazing and your girls are soooo beautiful!!! Congratulations!!! :)