Monday, September 17, 2012

just the two of us

I've started this post probably 10 times: gotten side tracked by laundry, baked cookies, nursed a baby, wasn't feelin' it, tapped the delete button to the rhythm of "we will rock you" and now I concede, the words aren't flowing poetically and I am to the point of just wanting to remember.

Sorry for the lack of eloquence!

I miss my big girl. I've been right here with her, she's been right under my nose (more like my feet) she sticks close these days, making sure she gets as much attention as possible. We try and give her what's due, but as any parent knows when a new baby arrives-it's hard! 

The other day Jared worked from home and while Isabella was taking a milk coma kinda nap I tucked her into a bouncy seat in the den adjacent from Jared's desk and snached up Addiston for a special shopping trip to Target. No agenda, no to-do's, no grocery list. Just shopping-the way it was intended, fun, looking at whatever grabbed your eye. Alone time with my girl-just the two of us.

Sorry for the blurriness of the photos they were taken with my phone at lightening (2 year old) speed.



I told her she could pick any color! She was confused. But we landed on an electric purple.


We're still working on the whole potty training thing-she's opposed right now (something we expected after having a baby) but I told her she could pick out big girl panties, and we purchased some very over priced disney princess undergarments!


We browsed the toys, dollar spot, and then ended up in the new grocery section where we bought bananas and cookie mix for daddy. 

Jared traded me places when we got back home while I fed Isabella and made cookies with Addiston.


 It was good to get away with Addy and just listen to her talk, with no interruptions, not being distracted, and learning more about who she is: shy but spunky, smart, and sweet! She has purple toe nails, and has told that to everyone who will listen! 

ok no sappy wordy ending! I just wanted to remember my day with my girl!

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