Saturday, November 14, 2015

16 weeks

Life has been settling down recently.

We're getting established in the new house. The kitchen, girls room, our room and toys are done. So ya know the high priorities.

I'm enjoying being back in the swing of things, off bed rest and SLOWLY building back up to normal activity.

I've started feeling regular movement. Jared and Isabella have felt the baby move too. Addiston claims that she has but I'm pretty sure she just felt my stomach growl. No worries, it'll happen.

I got to take the girls with me to the doctor for the first time this week. I go so frequently that I wanted them to see where I was and not be curious or frustrated that they don't get to go with me frequently. This was my 5th appointment (Most women have only been once or twice at this point) and the first time I wasn't getting internal monitoring or giving copious amounts of blood so I figured it was now or never to bring the girls.

As expected they thought it was boring. Lots of stuff they aren't suppose to touch, waiting, being quiet, waiting, being patient. They thought it was cool for half a second that they got to hear the babies heart beat but that was the highlight of their hour with me and thankfully I don't think they'll be begging to come back anytime soon. 

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