Thursday, December 3, 2015

Halfway (20 weeks)

The Thursday I was 19 weeks and 6 days, a friend watched the girls so Jared could come to the doctor with me. We scheduled our appointment for the first one of the day so that he wouldn't be late to work. We had an anatomy scan first then a normal doctors appointment.

We both sat and tried to read our books while waiting to be called back. I'm not sure about Jared but I'm pretty sure I re-read the same 2 paragraphs 3 times because I couldn't focus through the excitement.

We had the super calm, quiet, unexcitable ultrasound tech. She without inflection or expression measured the little one growing inside me. snapped pictures, of things I didn't recognize. (at least a dozen ultrasounds into this motherhood journey and I'm lucky to spot a profile and the spine maybe a heartbeat) I was able to see a four-chamber heart beating. But other than that Jared and I spent 20 minutes giving each other questioning looks as my nerves went nuts. Eventually she asked if we wanted to know the sex-we did!

We got an all clear from the doctor who said the little one was perfectly healthy and that things were progressing just as they should. Little one is measuring about a day behind where she should but as far as we're concerned thats perfect.

20 weeks

The following Saturday we threw a combined house warming/gender reveal party to let our friends see the new house and let our girls discover along with our friends the gender of our newest little one.

I had saved one of our larger moving boxes and filled it with colored balloons, the girls spent all week saying blue balloons means it's a brother, pink means a sister. For the most part they were ok with either except one threat to not love a brother as much as a sister.


They are thrilled and so are we!!

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