Monday, February 22, 2016

Stream of Consciousness

Welp my steady string of almost regular blogging is shot. Holidays happened, they were great, I've been exhausted, I rarely remember what day it is, and frankly can't remember what happened when. I wrote this post a few weeks ago and forgot to push publish, so theres that.

Fun fact, I have 9 types of vinegar. I just got done prepping dinner which called for rice wine vinegar and of course it was the last one I picked up. And well, I have 9 vinegars, and I'm ok with that!

I jot down pregnancy memories here and there. On the back of a church bulletin, which later I probably throw away. In a journal with a thousand other ramblings most of which have nothing to do with this growing babe, and will be lost or forgotten until I die and my kids dig through my junk, and sporadically I write them on a cute piece of scrapbook paper hopefully to be added to a baby book later, but lets be honest, third kid, this blog probably is her baby book.

Not much excitement has happened in the pregnancy since I posted last. I pasted my three hour glucose test after failing my one hour which was such a relief considering I had convinced myself I certainly had gestational diabetes considering how tired I am. Guess my mom was right, having two kids and being pregnant is just that exhausting! The lovely phlebotomist busted a blood vessel in my arm on the last blood draw of my three hour and now over a month later the soreness and bruise have finally gone, luckily it's winter and long sleeves are a must so I didn't have to make up any fun stories about the green and blue bruise just under my elbow.

I'm just  a smidge over a month away from this little girl being here and the least prepared I've been for any of my babies. I hear that it's normal to ready later and later with each child which is good, because for us it's true. My parents are coming next week to paint the nursery which will relieve a lot of mom guilt I'm feeling about my lack of preparedness. We're using the same bedding we've used for Addiston and Isabella (because I still LOVE it) plus a few new decorations so hopefully that'll all fall together quickly, since we've done it before. I was able to sort through ALL of our kids clothes recently. Since we didn't have them all properly sorted before we moved I literally went through all of them, the girls helped me sort, and attempted to try on clothes they thought were cute that happened to be 3 sizes too small, it was entertaining. I have 0-9 months sorted out in the closet yet to be washed (as I'm sure they'll smell like fresh paint after next week) and all larger sizes separated and labeled in our storage room. I even found some clothes I had forgotten about for Isabella so her wardrobe got a boost too.

We had the biggest snowstorm Nashville has seen on over a decade last week (or maybe 2 weeks ago?). 8 inches of snow in 24 hours is respectable even for Jared and I's northern selves. The girls and Dogs loved it. There was lots of comfort food, snowball fights, snow angels and a decent snowman.

The Best Part was that 3 days later it was 60 and the month long gross, dirty snow that we're all used to after a beautiful fresh winter wonderland melted away, turning our cute little creek into a river with semi-respectable rapids for a day or so. But a girl could get used to a snow storm like that!

We're trying to be intentional about spending time with the girls before the new baby comes. Random one on one trips to stores or to grab a snack, individual game time and random "dates" Addiston and I got to go to a special children's event at the symphony recently and She was so cute. She had perfect manners. She could have taught the adults in the box next to us a thing or two. It was precious and I swear sometimes she makes parenting easy. SOMETIMES!

Isabella and I got to sneak in some one on one time last night too, we went to the mall and rode the carousel (which we had all to ourselves) did some disney store shopping and topped it off with mini-cupcakes.

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