Monday, February 22, 2016

Full Term

We are officially full term!

Little girl: consider this your eviction notice! It's been by far my most enjoyable pregnancy but I'm ready to meet you. Sleep on my stomach and not pee every 10 minutes!

I'm still able to do pretty much everything I need to and have gotten all of the baby stuff out, organized and washed. Her diaper bag is ready to go to the hospital, my bag is planned out, car seat ready and big sisters are over not fitting on my lap any more.

My Parents came two weeks ago and painted the nursery. They've helped with all dozen of their grandchildren's nurseries and I think it's so sweet. I offered to do the trim work along the ceiling and they had none of it, so 18 foot ceilings and all, they painted the whole room and even let Addiston help a bit.

she was pretty proud!!

I'll post more pictures when we finish it (hopefully next week) But the crib is now re-assembled and important things in place so if she comes (which she's welcome to) We're ready.

Jared also remodeled the laundry room for me for a Valentines present.  We've done homemade presents for each other on valentines our whole relationship. When we were in college and had first started dating we both only worked part time and agreed we'd rather spend the money on a nice meal and make gifts than eat in the school cafeteria and buy gifts. That still rings true for us, so the tradition continues. 



More functional, appealing and a fun automatic light that turns on when you walk in the room! 
Yay for capable husbands! 

We also had our last big family outing before the baby comes, on Valentines day. Disney Live came to Nashville and Jared was able to get a great deal on tickets so we took the girls, who loved every minute.

They dressed up, swung glow stick wands around the whole show and enjoyed cheesy fries during intermission. 

We had "spring break" mid winter from our homeschool group last week which I didn't realize but I really needed. It gave me a chance to focus on some stuff around the house and get all the little things in order for me to feel ready to have the baby. We also had a cleaning crew start last week which makes nesting A LOT easier. :) They'll come once a month and deep clean the whole house for at least a year. We'll reassess from there to see what life with three kids is like. It was perfect timing though because we hosted a baby shower for my friend Kari saturday (she's due a month after me) and it was so nice to not have to have half the party prep done!  

This week is back to life as normal, school, playdates, meetings, and then a few fun things this weekend for my birthday, but more than anything it's a waiting game. I'm trying to be the calm pregnant lady who is cool with the kid staying in until I'm 42 weeks and miserable she's finally ready to come out but lets face facts: I have a 3 & 5 year old asking every day if she's ready to come out, I'm short and she's pretty much out of room and I've commenced all the old wives tales of walking, drinking special tea, eating spicy foods and hanging out on my yoga ball to try to help the process along! We're ready for you little one. 

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