Monday, March 14, 2016

Over due

Oh hey due date, you're here, YAY, oh wait there you went, and here we are again, over due, waiting, wondering, psyching out our parents every time we call. (ok that last part is kinda fun)

When I was pregnant with Addiston I saw my due date come and go with much anxiety, I did everything in the book to try to go into labor, most of which just made me exhausted and uncomfortable. This time while I'm fully ready to meet our sweet little one I'm also ok waiting in comfort as opposed to making myself feel sick and tired, leaving myself with no energy to actually labor or deliver this little one. 

I've had so many braxton hicks and false labor this pregnancy that Jared and I were convinced that this little one would make her debut early. Apparently she has other plans. 

Last week I got a sitter for a day and had a quiet lunch, a mani/pedi, and went shopping for nothing I needed with NO KIDS. It was lovely and necessary, and now I'm ready to have a baby!

Final belly photo was taken (if I am pregnant in 2 more weeks I don't want proof)

1st trimester complete

2nd trimester complete

3rd trimester complete

Last Thursday was my 40 week OB appointment, I was technically 39weeks 6 days but who's counting (besides my doctor) Well at my appointment I randomly measured 33/34 weeks instead of 40 which called for an unscheduled ultrasound to check on baby girl. I've consistently measured right on or a week behind depending on how she's been positioned and I've gained weight steadily and a healthy amount (26 pounds) so there wasn't a huge cause for concern but when 2 nurses and a doctor were getting such a drastically small measurement they just wanted to check. She was nestled in my ribs causing her to measure small but she is really an appropriate size, approximately 7lbs 4oz according to what they can measure.

Friday was my due date and I spent the day at MOPS and shopping with my girls (trying to stay active and walk without exhausting myself) a few contractions but nothing to cause me to stop and take note led me to cook a pouty overly fancy dinner because for as long as I can remember cooking has been my happy place. So thankfully my 3 & 5 year old are good eaters because cilantro pesto seared mahi mahi, with a roasted red pepper sauce, and roasted brussel sprouts over parmesan grits were what was for dinner and all four of us cleaned our plates.

Saturday morning lead to 3 dozen muffins, poached eggs overtop of leftover parmesan grits with sautéed kale and red peppers. Loads and Loads of laundry and lots of family play time.

Saturday afternoon we received a call from my OB. She had come in on her off day to do some charting and had finally gotten a chance to review the full ultrasound.  The tech was just suppose to confirm size and if she measured correctly let me leave which she did so I didn't think else. Well, During the ultrasound a 21x29mm mass was found in the right hemithorax (part of the chest) thats about a 1 square inch mass. Her heart is not deviated, and it appears lungs and diaphragm are functioning but that can't be fully confirmed until she's out and has to use them. This mass could be one of a few things: a small diaphragmatic hernia, CTAM, AV malformation or a bronchogenic cyst.

Most of these options would require surgery very very early in life. So we're trying to prepare ourselves and our girls for this as well. We're still processing and planning. I'm a bit of an emotional wreck but trying to prepare for labor/delivery and everything to come. I'm so thankful for the army of prayer warriors across 5 states we have on our side and the ones who gathered around us at the alter on Sunday morning. 

We're praying for healing, wisdom for doctors and ourselves, and peace during this time. Not knowing what it is exactly is hard for my type A planner personality, but we're grateful for wrongly measuring small so the ultrasound was necessary so that we can know as much as possible before she's here.

Today I spent a fun day with the girls. We went to a fancy donut shop and spent too much money on the best donuts we've ever eaten, went shopping for all kid stuff and then visited the daddy at work where they sufficiently screwed up his electronic standing desk by playing with it non stop!

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