Tuesday, August 16, 2016

1 month

*disclaimer-I am terribly behind on writing this, I've been to busy cuddling my baby*

Charlotte or affectionately referred to in our house as Charley Beth has been such an amazing baby. She sleeps through the night, most nights, if she does wake its once and is quick to eat and go back down. She usually sleeps from 8 or 9pm to 5 or 6am eats and then sleeps till 8 or 9am.

her first night home
Her favorite place to sleep is cuddled up against me and I don't care if it spoils her, they grow up to fast! I like it!

Since she was 13 days past due, she came out looking like she had soaked too long in the bath and this first month was spent slathering coconut oil on her skin and resisting the urge to peel dry flaking skin!

Charley is super chill to wake, she wiggles a little, throws her arms up while curling in her leg in one rapid motion then begins to peak her eyes open.

She is already holding her head up and started lifting it at a day old. I guess those extra 2 weeks inside gave her time to develop some sure strength. 

She's pretty cool with chaos, going with the flow of being out of the house at 3 days old, having 2 older sisters who are obsessed with her and learning to sleep whenever she can amidst the crazy.

This happened while Bella was rattling half a dozen jingly toys and Addy was singing

Oh and those big sisters are pretty good at baby holding already. And Charlotte doesn't seem to mind a bit. 

We chose to forgo the hospital bath to give Charlotte her first bath as a family. She loved it and the bigger girls loved helping and being a part of it. 

Some other fun things that happened this month:

First Easter
met great grandpa
First photoshoot

I feel so blessed by her sweet little presence in our family and am so thankful that she is healthy and happy. Charlotte is such a good baby and after her big sisters I am SO appreciative of that. She's so sweet and an answer to prayer!

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