Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2 months

Charlotte is just the sweetest baby. She's a whopping 10 pounds and has grown to 22 inches.

She (like most 3rd children I'm sure) seems so easygoing and has made going from 2 to 3 kids so smooth. She sleeps through the night and has been my least painful nurser (moms-you know) seriously though, not once has there been a single issue, which is SO nice. Like Isabella she has lost all her hair and is starting new.
She is freakishly observant for a 2 month old, watching her big sisters so intently, and listening and responding to our cues. It's so cute.

Did I mention that she sleeps? It's glorious. She usually goes down between 8-9 and wakes to eat about 5-6 then sleeps again until 8-9. Waking happy!

Charlotte is easy to take on our adventures and loves being worn in her wrap. This month we went strawberry picking with some friends.

She still catnaps throughout the day and isn't on a set schedule which works out perfectly with our lives because no two consecutive days look the same. However she loves to cuddle on me when she sleeps.

About halfway through the month we transitioned to size 1 diapers (She's tiny) and she still has no interest in a pacifier or bottle. But for now thats ok. She loves to lay on the daybed in the afternoon so we can spy on her sisters playing outside. 

We're pretty smitten with this sweet thing and I can't imagine life without her! 

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