Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the mean time

So the nursery is almost done.

Painting and decorating is done, bed constructed and ready for our little one to be tucked into, clothes hung neatly in the closet, everything as it should be except one minor thing... we don't have the dresser/changing table. So a massive amount of baby sheets, blankets, and onesies lay folded on the floor waiting the arrival of their back ordered home. :( We have been assured it will be here before the baby so no worries.

Addiston has flipped (positioned head down) and has recently discovered my ribs. she kicks them a lot especially when I am still for too long. whenever I lay down she stretches out and pushes her feet out as far as my stomach will stretch, which is absolutely amazing and a little freaky at the same time. This morning in church i swear she was dancing to the music as my stomach looked like it was about to detach and wiggle on the floor like jello. Her kicks have gotten less sudden and abrasive, (I'm told because she's running out of room) but I still am amazed at feeling her wiggle and stretch out inside of me. She gets the hiccups about twice a day, which I feel in the underside of my belly. They can't be felt from the outside, and it's a hard feeling to describe, it's like you having hiccups but not just an internal organ having them and you're unaffected, you just feel the little jolt in a steady pattern.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and intend to ask her about the annoying amount of Braxton Hicks contractions I've been having. They aren't the real one's just practice (my body getting ready for the real ones) but I have been having them at least every other day and they have gotten a lot stronger. I'm getting good and laying down and drinking lots of water (which makes them go away) when I have them but I just want to make sure every thing's ok!

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  1. loved your description of what hiccups feel like when they're coming from a little person inside of you! I know Braxton Hicks are pretty normal and regular and not a cause for great concern, but do you think that it's something every pregnant woman has? they don't sound like fun..I'm gonna try and avoid them like I did morning sickness I think.