Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bargain of the Day!

So today my friend Tiffany came to visit and see all the loot I got at my Baby shower back home. We looked through several dozen outfits, discussed the fact that although Addiston will be well dressed, at this point we actually have very little to actually take care of her.

So on that whim I thought I'd share these. The cutest little things I have purchased for our girl!


They're soft and warm, and will fit her perfect when winter comes!

At Target on Clearance!
Like I said, we don't have much as far as necessities for taking care of her, but she'll be well dressed!


  1. LOVE IT! You need to post more pics!!! So glad we got to hang out today! It was much needed!

  2. First of all I am jealous you all got to hangout! I miss you. Second, you still have the shower here to get more stuff for Addiston! Can't wait to see you and the nursery!!