Monday, May 17, 2010

A close call

So this morning I had another of my weekly doctor's appointments.

Last week I arrived 2 minutes late for my appointment and Jared about 10 minutes late but really it was no big deal because we sat in the waiting room for over an hour waiting to be called back. Today I arrived 5 minutes early and told Jared not to worry about rushing there from work to be there on time because it would be a waste. Well boy was I wrong. I had just started reading my new book that Jared bought me when the nurse called me back.

Jared wasn't there yet so I asked her if we could wait for him and she said we can't wait but I'll bring him back as soon as he gets here.

I stalled going to the bathroom and called him telling him to hurry.

They weighed me, (I gained 1 pound) took a urine sample, measured my belly (36 inches from top to bottom-a little bit small) took my blood pressure (98/70) and listened to the heartbeat (135-the slowest it has ever been, but thats normal at this point) the nurse left and I waited for the doctor hoping she would take a while. I checked my phone, it had only been 8 minutes since I called Jared, and it takes at least 15 for him to make it there from work.

The doctor walked in. She informed me that my group B strep test that they had preformed at my last visit was negative, (1 less shot I have to get when I'm in labor) and she checked my cervix. I'm still only 50% effaced but I am starting to dilate. Not enough for them to think there will be a baby this week but I'm almost 1 centimeter. (only 9 1/2 to go-ha)

The doctor and I discussed the possibility of induction if this little girl doesn't come out naturally which is a total possibility because of scar tissue and issues I have had in the past. She informed me that she didn't want to schedule anything early but would make an appointment for the week of June 7th sometime (letting me know at my next appointment the exact date and time) and if she came before that we would simply cancel the induction.

She signed my discharge and went on her way, I got dressed and walked out into the hallway just in time for Jared to walk in, he missed all the action :( He did show up and was glad that everything was ok but didn't get to be in on any of the important stuff which bummed me out big time.

Jump ahead a few hours.

I'm at home and not feeling to hot. I decided to take it easy and lay down on the couch for a bit. I was having some cramps and when I went to the bathroom discovered I had been bleeding, not just spotting, bleeding.

I called the doctor, of course they had to take a message and call me back so in the mean time I pack all the last minute stuff to go to the hospital, toothbrushes, deodorant, my favorite pillow, the stuff you need but use every day.

Well when the doctor called be back she said that for some people the beginning stages of labor can feel like cramps from a menstrual cycle, which is exactly what I was feeling, she told me to go lay down immediately, stay that way for at least 6 hours, and drink tons of water. Not that it is a bad thing for Addiston to come now just that if my body was stressed from being poked and prodded and was going into labor because of that rest and fluids would stop labor but if it was really time for her to come nothing could stop it.

Well 4 hours of rest and fluids later and the cramping has stopped, the bleeding is still there but I'm told not to worry about that for now as long as it stays light and my water doesn't break of course!

So bed rest, I've only been on it for a short time and I've decided it's not for me! I've watched really crappy daytime tv, read a few chapters in my new book (which I love my husband for buying me) and folded some clean towels. Boredom has already reared it's ugly head and Jared won't be home for another three hours.

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  1. glad everything is ok with you and Addy, definitely praying for you both! I'm semi-dreading my next appointment, praying I won't be put on bed rest..if I am, I will understand your pains!