Monday, May 24, 2010

Mother's Day

Ok I know mother's day was two weeks ago but we just got my present all set up last week so I'm just now getting around to sharing!

Jared came home with this massive flower arrangement. (that's and 8x10 frame next to them) It had lily's, my favorite!

He has this thing about buying flowers in a vase that way I don't have to do any work arranging them. However, because I have an amazing husband I now have a whole cabinet full of vases, of all shapes and sizes!

Jared gave me a card before church that had a "letter from Addiston" in it. The letter brought me to tears and made me all the more anxious to hold her. He wrote about my excitement to meet her, the little things we've done to prepare for her and how she appreciated them and all of the other sacrifices and things I have done for her. It was the most creative thing I could have imagined and is something I'll always cherish.

This was my real present. It came later that week. We picked it out months ago, so I already knew about it, but it's absolutely perfect.

A lot of research went into this chair. Most gliders are made for people 5'7" and above. I am a whopping 5'3" and besides the huge belly currently on the front of me I'm the same size I was in junior high. This chair is a Juvenile glider (Jared loves to tease me about that one!) So when I sit in it I can touch the floor and lean against the back at the same time :) It is made for adults, it's just petite!

So it was my first Mother's Day, and although I would have loved for Addiston to make an appearance she didn't. We went out to lunch after church, and Jared cooked me dinner. It was relaxing and perfect, but I secretly can't wait until next year when there is no relaxation to be had, my big gift is crayon scribbles on construction paper, and we are chasing our almost one year old around the yard.

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  1. The flowers are so beautiful!! I can't wait till this time next year for you guys. Love you guys!