Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pregnancy Brain

Studies show that it is a proven fact that pregnant women especially those in the third trimester have minor short term memory loss.

I have noticed a few times throughout this journey that I have become a bit more flaky than normal. I've always been a list maker so that skill has definitely come in handy however it does help to remember where you put your list.

Well today was the culmination of my Pregnancy brain experience!

I was running errands around town, exchanging some baby toys (that we got doubles of) returning unnecessary hardware, and searching for suitable hospital pajamas. Well I was in Kohl's and my friend Tiffany text me. We had a short conversation via text as I tried on a few things, admired the kitchen gadgets and dug through clearance throw pillows.

When I went to check out I wanted to see about what time it was. I reached for my phone... it wasn't secure in the pocket inside my purse where it should be. From time to time I do get careless and just toss it in so I proceeded to empty almost the entire content of my purse out on a display table, while juggling my purchases, only to find the bottom of my purse yet no phone!

I scanned the floor around me hoping it had fallen out. I grabbed for non-existent pockets. My phone was missing. My lifeline to family members when I go into labor. My way to reach Jared if anything were to happen. EEK!

I began to retrace my steps, going to every item I had merely glanced at and examining it for the slightest trace of my phone or a clue to where my phone might be. After circling the entire store, twice, I had no luck. I found an older lady and about scared the nail polish right off of her when I asked if I could borrow her phone to call mine. She wouldn't let me touch her phone but did call mine three times as I scanned the area where I last remember using it. Again, no luck.

I had just about given up hope and was going to leave when I figured I'd ask a sales associate to take down Jared's number in case a phone turned up. She told me to go to the customer service desk and lo and behold when I walked up I spotted my phone sitting with a few others behind the counter.

So for a ten minute text conversation, I got to experience an hour of searching the entire store of Kohl's because apparently I set my phone down in the middle of some random display of home goods.

I love being pregnant and experience all of the joys that go along with it, but I will be happy to have my body and mind back!

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