Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ode to six weeks

Our girl is now six weeks old,
we've past the precautionary don't-take-her-out phase.
She's getting colored flecks in her eyes, some days they look green, others brown
so we continue the waiting game to see who she'll look more like...
I've been cleared to resume normal life,
easing my way back into exercising and daily activities.
I'm told that my scar will take upwards of nine months to a year to fully heal :(
(The newly developing electric shocks behind it I'm told are normal-nerves regenerating)
Addiston sadly has developed her first cold.

We took her out Saturday afternoon, we had newly engaged friends visiting from England/South Africa (It was lovely to see them, and they were so understanding of our new baby-ness!) We went downtown and out to the hard rock cafe for lunch. Saturday evening we had a group of friends over for dinner and throughout the night she woke up multiple time with the sniffles. Her eyes are all watery and she is so congested is sounds as if she has swallowed a broken rattle, and it's stuck there behind her little nose. Not to mention she sounds like a old man weezing when she's trying to sleep :( She looks up at me with these sad confused eyes, like why can't I breathe and why can't you make me better? And it breaks my heart every single time!
I feel so bad for her that I've barely put her down for more than an hour in the last two days, except to sleep at night. She breathes better when she's at an angle and when she's against me so I just hold her. Yeah yeah I know you're not suppose to hold them 24/7, but she's sick and she's my baby so back off!
The doctor said we are doing everything we can and that unless she spikes a fever we should just continue to do as we are. I thought it might be allergies to the cats but the doc assured me that children can't develop allergies this young because her immune system isn't in place enough, in order to be allergic to something. So I guess we're keeping the cats, for now ;)

On another note (unrelated to children) right now I'm grateful:
-for friends who step out and let you know that they are going through the same thing you are and they also are unsure as to how to deal yet are willing to be there as a sounding board and comfort if you need them! Thanks dear!
-for finding articles in the New York times that I think are important and interesting and when I share them with my husband he says, "I bought that guys book for us to read" -yeah for being on the same page!

Oh and I love it when her little toes poke out of the blanket my grandma made her...


  1. Linds- I am so sorry Addiston has a cold. I am praying for you guys. Let me know if you need anything

  2. oh no! colds are no good, especially with someone so little and precious! hope she gets better soon..and her little toes are so cute :)