Friday, July 9, 2010

Random stories of the babe!

So this past weekend we traveled to my hometown... more on that another time!

On the way back we had to stop so I could feed Addiston. After she had her fill a diaper change was in order. We were parked in the side lot of a truck stop, further out than either of us decided was worth walking into, in the smoldering heat, so Jared had the genius idea to change her in the car. Normally this wouldn't be so bad, but the car was PACKED!

My super intelligent husband said "we can change her on your lap," him from the front seat, me from the back. I was to do the balancing, he was doing the dirty work... so we unfolded the changing pad, whipped out the diapers, wipes and dove into our endeavor.

Things were going well, we had her wiped and were were sealing the final sticky in the pampers, when we heard the squishy sound of the need for yet another diaper change.

We whipped out the second batch of supplies, and began our task. we had the diaper off, and Jared wiped her down and as we were puling the diaper up to seal it, squirt....a fresh batch into her second clean diaper.

New supplies were retrieved, she was once again being wiped down when again, squirt...
you guessed it, out in the open through the air, all over her, down my leg, in all of our hands, and splattered on the back of the drivers seat! (Jared was smart enough to duck and cover using his seat as a shield)

The wipes were frantically grabbed for and the car and baby were cleaned in record time. Once things were in order, yet another diaper was dispersed and put into place.

5 diapers, and half a package of wipes later the car and baby were clean, Jared and I slightly traumatized, and contagiously laughing at our horrible decision as parents to attempt to change our 3 week old baby on my lap in the back of a car!

And more recently,
Addiston was eating this morning, when she was done she proceeded to pull her head back as far as possible while still sucking-I'm convinced in an attempt to rip my boob right off my body, (nursing mom's you know how painful this is!) and making a high pitch chipmunk sound.

Well today my boob decided to retaliate to her abuse!

When she finally popped her head off milk sprayed out like a super soaker water gun, spraying her right in the face, mainly the nose.

This happened for a good 5 to 10 seconds till I realized the milk was coming from me, (not her drooling/spitting up) and I covered myself with the burp cloth.

I had no idea this was possible but it happened, she was unfazed, barely noticing what had happened; and I have to admit I was slightly proud that my body decided it was time for revenge!


  1. Yay for fun stories!! Can't wait to see you all tonight.

  2. oh my word I just laughed so hard, love the stories! And the episode in the car sounds like something I would have the brilliance to suggest, so I'm glad I have been warned!