Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My first true love

It's been seven weeks since she arrived, and oh how those seven weeks have flown by. She has changed our world, our lives, our priorities and coincidently our sleep patterns. Because of these seven weeks of bliss I have let my first love slide by the wayside, but last night my love made an appearance.
I give you: Lobster Corn Creme Brulee
Behold! It was fabulous!
I spent hours shopping, de-husking, simmering, straining and broiling. And oh the therapy that being in the kitchen holds for me. It is almost cathartic release of stress and emotion that I don't even realize I'm holding. Cooking is something that I began to undertake at a young age and have expounded upon ever since. The joy of being able to take completely unrelated ingredients that taste bland and odd individually and combining them to make something entirely new is amazing to me.

So last night we dined on wonderful creamy rich decadence for no other reason than I wanted to spend some quality time with my kitchen.

Oh and today I got to paint my nails for the first time since she was born! :)
:) I feel pretty

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  1. Glad you got to do some things for you!! The dinner does look amazing!