Friday, August 20, 2010

New Bird

So Addiston had her two month Doctor's appointment yesterday and like idiots we always dress her in cute little outfits just to strip her down to "a clean dry diaper" as soon as we're taken back to the exam room. They weighed and measured her then took us back to her room. I asked the nurse if I could re-dress her, (because in true doctor's office fashion the whole building was freezing) and she said that I would have to wait for the doctor to see her, just to wrap her in a blanket. I went over to the diaper bag to grab one and when I opened it there was nothing but a pair of size 1 shoes, a changing pad and my nursing cover.
Since we had gone out of town I emptied the diaper bag to wash all the stuff that had been used. The nursing cover had to suffice. It was rather small to wrap her up properly so Jared held her while we waited on the doc, who as soon as she entered the room commented, "oo what a pretty blanket," leading me to have to explain that it actually wasn't a blanket and I was hauling around a huge empty diaper bag. She had a nice chuckle, applauded our improvisation, and went abut her business.

Addy checks out fine, in the 75% for both height and weight.

To add to the excitement and anxiety of Addiston now sleeping in her nursery this morning around six she started to stir. I knew it was my turn to go get her but wasn't exactly conscious enough to and she wasn't being fussy more just playing and squirming around so I gave her a few minutes. Well come 6:30 she still wasn't fussy but sounded a bit less content so I got up, took a second to adjust to being vertical and walked across the hall to find...
A naked baby. No we did not put her to bed that way. She managed to squirm her way out of her night gown leaving it nicely swaddled at the foot of her bed!
There's never a dull moment with a newborn! But if this houdini like undressing in her sleep becomes habit we're going to have to swap out all her nightgowns for footie pj's!
Oh and one more thing,
Great grandma Byler, her daddy's mom's mom! A wonderful woman who has 14 great-grandchildren now! And, "bakes the best bread in the whole wide world" ;)

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