Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday Birthday Birthday

This little girl is becoming a pro at eating cereal.
The other night I was feeding her dinner and she kept grabbing at the spoon full of food, creating a super-fun game of distract the baby and dodge the sticky fingers. So being the genius person that I am I gave her a spoon of her very own and you'd thought that I'd given her a brand new car judging by the way her face lit up and she held onto it with both hands staring at it so hard that, well, she stopped everything: moving, eating, paying attention to her mama. Like I said, "genius!" so the game of dodge the sticky fingers became; try to get the baby to ignore her new toy long enough to open her mouth so I can put food in it. But she loved her spoon for the few minutes she had it, then
And there was no way I was givin' it back!

There are so many times that I sit down and words flow through me, everything is as it should be in the world and I end up typing faster than I can think and when I've finally completed a thought I look up at the previous paragraph and there are red squiggly lines under every other word because well my hands just can't keep up with the rest of me, and then there are nights like tonight when my mind is boggled and there is so much I want to say that I just can't seem to get it all out and my fingers are stuttering.

The weekend was lovely, the perfect mixture of committed excitement and the kind of excitement that we got to choose. We celebrated four Birthday's in one weekend, leading to a slight sugar overdose, great memories, and seeing the hours of the night that I haven't seen since our little on was a newborn; but the lack of sleep was worth it to get to hang out with these lovely ladies,
Yeah we totally rocked old prom gowns at midnight!

And this lil six year old rockin' a roller skating party, like the diva she is. It was quite amusing to see a dozen or so twenty-somethings slowly wobbling on wheels in their vain attempts not to fall and bruise their ego. I looped the floor twice and departed successfully without bruising my bottom or my pride.
Happy Birthday Zoe.

It's the middle of November.

The Holidays are knocking at our door and I'm rushing trying to get all of my around-the-house projects finished so that when we go out of town I'm relaxed and when we host our 2nd annual New Years Party there isn't blue tape accenting the half painted walls and artwork carefully propped against the wall which it is intended to be hung on.

Who am I kidding I'll finish my current projects in time to formulate new one's as soon as 2011 rolls in!

However it is our first holiday season with the babe and I am beyond eager to slather it with new family traditions, mounded atop of our current festivities; which all together should make for a slightly chaotic, albeit exciting season, filled with stories and christmas lights on the house, fresh cut trees, way too many cookies, and of course frilly dresses on the little one!

Speaking of which someone, I'm not naming names, learned that if you yell into the mic of the baby monitor mom comes fast. The daddy refers to it as her room service beckoning.


  1. Haha love the last picture!

  2. I miss seeing you and Addy and being a part of your everyday life! Can't wait for all of you to come home, make that move home! Love you! M