Sunday, January 16, 2011

They're back

With the holiday's tucked away and winter tucked under our belt what it's about time for is a little spice in our life. Short and sweet, my parent's are here.
Grandma and pa-pa have arrived which means, a full pot of coffee early in the morning,slightly competitive hand haled electronic games, overly competitive board games, ridiculously competitive card games, ok just competitiveness all round.
They arrived late late thursday night and have succeeded in spoiling our little girl rotten! They brought with them two of Addiston's great grand parents and it is so wonderful to see multiple generations love on our little one. As always they're amazed with the things she's learning and how much she has grown. Not to mention the fact that she totally knows who to be sassy with and how to get what she wants, (like getting her grandma to pick her up and totally ignore dinner, and the rest of us!)
More to come later!

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