Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leap of faith

Friends this post is hurried because I have a hungry impatient 10 month old sitting next to me hitting herself on the head with a plastic hanger.

I came across this story through a friend of a friend of a friend

Friends, meet Vanya. Beautiful, sweet, adorable, Vanya.

Isn't he just so sweet?

Vanya is eight years old, living in an Eastern European orphanage. I simply cannot read his story without getting teary. This young guy has endured more pain, more heartache, and more rejection than I have in all of my years.

His mother led an immoral life. She could not take care of her son, so Vanya was living without even the basic necessities of life and was removed from her care. I read that his father refuses to acknowledge his existence--he will not accept this little boy as his son and has chosen to leave him in the orphanage.

Vanya is a little ray of sunshine in his orphanage. He is a natural leader and loves the company of adults. He is always seeking out a hug and a cuddle. He loves people--and wants to be loved back.

Here's the thing. Not a day goes by without Vanya asking his caretakers if someone is coming for him yet? Has he been chosen? Will it be his turn next? He has seen countless young children being adopted all around him. Imagine if YOU were that caretaker, and you heard a sweet little voice ask you if there's a family who chose HIM yet. I know I would not be able to stand it, and I can imagine you wouldn't either.

Friends, a report from a missionary who knows Vanya states that he believes that one day someone will come for him. He believes that some day he will have a family to love him and he will get to live in a "real home." It's a dream he believes WILL come true.

Here's the reality--Vanya is on a list to be transferred from his current orphanage. Once an orphan reaches a certain age, they are usually transferred to a heinous mental institution for older children and adults. Vanya will be transferred any day now, and no one knows where he will be moved to. It is an undisclosed place from which he will never be able to be adopted. Vanya will live the rest of his childhood in this place and when he is old enough to be released, well, who knows what awaits him? I can't even think about that as an option.

My heart breaks for this little boy. He has waited for such a long time for a family. He has been overlooked and rejected his entire life. No child should ever have to go through that.

The story of this sweet boy broke my heart.

I typically read stories like these with an open mind and go on my merry way and although I wish I was more generous I typically don't do anything about the situation. This time was different I instantly donated (without consulting my husband first) thanks for the delayed ok hun!
When Jared read the story of this sweet boy he knew my heart and because he is who he is we have contacted the adoption agency about moving forward to adopt this sweet little one.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for us and for Vanya.

And if you are able:


  1. I saw this story on Kelly's Korner the other day. Broke my heart too. Will be praying for you guys! Love it!

  2. Praying for you all. Let me know if you all need anything.

  3. So excited for you. We have been praying like crazy for Vanya. I donated without asking first, too! Oops - I really don't usually do that. My husband was fine with it, though - and also so moved by his story. We will continue to pray for you and I will be reading here for updates. Bless you for what you are doing, but as an adoptive mom myself I can promise you what I'm sure you already know, you will be blessed by Vanya in your life as well. Many blessings to your whole family.