Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last day

Today was bitter sweet!

Tomorrow morning we'll wake up, and carefully prepare to head to the hospital to welcome our new little to the world. We'll double check the camera batteries, brush our teeth, take an extra long shower (as we all know it's the last one of it's kind for a while) and I'll probably attempt to in some sort of naive vanity to put on some makeup before I head into surgery.

Tomorrow is planned, we have known for months what our second girls birthday will be. Bags have been packed, meals made and frozen for after the family help heads home, and the house cleaned, and cleaned again.

In all of my preparation for tomorrow I overlooked today. My last day alone with my girl. For today my only girl. As we sat said goodbye to the daddy this morning it dawned on me that this would be our last time to do that for a while and it would be her last time getting all his attention before he left. As she climbed on his lap in his car and rode up the driveway to the front of the house I choked up. He knew the look on my face and smiled that knowing smile that only he can.

Over breakfast I listened a little closer to her tell me about her dreams of slides and grandmas, and let her sit on my lap instead of in her own seat.



We did all of her favorite things today! Built towers and houses out of her giant lego's, colored in her veggie tales coloring book, read just about every book in the house, and watched her letter video. We jumped on the beds, blew bubbles, played dolls, had a dance party, and pushed buttons on the washer and dryer.



She requested a grilled cheese for lunch and I obliged. We called papaw and daddy and hammered things in the garage. Stayed in our Pj's until the Daddy came home from work, and at his request had an ice cream date, even though she didn't finish her peas!


Tomorrow morning we'll wake up, and carefully prepare to head to the hospital to welcome our newest little to the world. But today we celebrated being a family of three! I know that years from now she'll have no idea that we tried so hard to make today special for her, and memorable. But we did and it was! And it made me love her all the more! 

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  1. Marilyn JordanJuly 18, 2012

    Sweet and beautiful post, Lindsey. Prayers are with you today and best wishes for all of you.