Monday, November 19, 2012

4 months and shots all 'round

Yesterday was Isabella's 4 month Birthday! She's so sweet and seriously the easiest baby! I don't want to jinx it and I know that it's all relative but she sleeps through the night. Eats on an amazing schedule that can be easily altered with little repercussion and travels like a champ! She does like being held but she's totally fine in a bouncy seat or on her play mat! 


She puts everything in her mouth, her hands, her toys and whatever her big sister "shares" with her. I went out and bought my new favorite thing for her. It's called chew beads and it's a necklace that I wear that is actually an teething toy for her. It doesn't look babyish at all, it's black and grey, BPA free and dishwasher safe. I don't have a picture but it's a beautiful invention and I would recommend it to any mom! 

Today we had her 4 month check-up and she's growing slowly and steady! She's in the 60% for height and 8% for weight! Long and lean just like her daddy and big sister! She had to get shots and when we went as a family because I can't handle when one of my girls get shots so I make Jared hold them during then I swoop in a save the day (in my head at least) Well when Addiston heard that Isabella had to get a shot she demanded that she needed a shot as well, and as any mother knows kids don't often ask for shots so when they do you oblige! I asked our nurse to look up her shot record and see what she  was able to get since she technically isn't suppose to get shots again till she's 3. She was eligible for a hep B shot so a hep B shot she got! only a little yelp, no tears and then it was Bella's turn! And now they have matching pink band-aids on their right thigh. 

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