Monday, January 28, 2013

brief update

Sorry I have been cyber silent for a while we've been focusing on our little family lately and trying to set good habits for this new year. Silencing the phone's more, cutting back on screen time, spending more time as a couple. It's been a good thing but attempting to keep up on things outside our household while balancing healthy family time hasn't quite evened out yet.

Jared took a trip to New York a week ago and surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Both girls were awesome and let me get enough sleep and were reasonable about shared mom time. Addiston enjoyed calling her daddy and now feels she has to call him whenever she simply wants to say hi, which I'm sure doesn't distract him from work at all.

The main reason I wanted to update is for Isabella's sake. She is doing great developmentally; sitting on her own, inchworm crawling, babbling, teething, holding objects and grabbing things away from her big sister left and right. However, she is tiny as can be. She hasn't grown since her 4 month check-up and the doctor is getting worried about her. She was in the 50% when she was born and although she has grown it has been at a decreasing rate and she is currently in the 1%. She has little to no interest in eating cereal or other into solid foods. I offer at least 3 times a day and usually she'll take one bite and then refuse. We've taken to mixing rice cereal in a bottle simply to boost her calorie intake. I'm trying to stay positive and keep doing what the doctor recommended, but I feel a slight sense of responsibility since she has been solely breastfed until now. Luckily we have an amazing church family who have already begun lifting her in prayer and encouraging us, if you would join us in this know that it would be appreciated. We go back to the doctor in 3 weeks to see if she has gained anything and if not we do a blood panel and perhaps more medical testing if necessary.

So far we as a family have avoided sickness and this nasty flu season we seem to be having, hopefully that trend continues. Potty training is still a present practice in our house but honestly it has been on the back burner in my mind with all things Isabella considered.

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