Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Have you seen the craziness of MTV "My super sweet 16" ? If you haven't, don't bother, I'll break it down for you, the most insane blow out parties imaginable, for a 16 year old, live music, entertainment, 6 figure bills, usually culminating in a brand new car (Sometimes 2) pretty much your wildest dreams for what could be your sweet 16-on crack. 

My sweet 16 was no where near that! It was my family and maybe a few friends at my house eating taco's and cake. There was no blow out bash, the only singing that was done was in the slightly skewed harmony of my siblings and the echo of my mom's (and many more) I honestly don't remember what my parent's got me-I know it wasn't a car! But I do remember that my grandmother got me a hymnal. A purse size black leather gold imprinted, Nazarene hymnal. Let me tell you how thrilled I was....I wasn't. It went into a box that night and has been systematically moved from the top of my closet at my parent's house, to their attic, to my college dorm room, (where I'm pretty sure it leveled out my computer monitor when it was a bit precarious) to our apartment and now it resides on the top shelf of our tallest bookcase in the den. 

Tonight Jared took both girls into Addiston's room to read stories before bedtime so that I could finish up my bible study for tomorrow. After Addy was down Isabella got a little fussy so he took her back to our room to try and calm her down until I was finished, about 12 second later she was in a full on fit and I went back to rescue my mama's girl (you know I love it) A minute-maybe 2 later I came out to the kitchen holding a limp, sleep coma baby, and Jared made the that's-not-fair face. I told him the girl just likes hymns, you gotta bust out the old stuff to which he chuckled because there are many things that man can do but he can't carry a tune in a bucket. 

With a sweaty baby still laying across my chest I went downstairs and carefully got that dusty hymnal off the top shelf of that bookshelf down in the den because I was not going to be able to sleep tonight if I couldn't remember the second verse of "Love Lifted Me" which happens to be some sort of hypnotic trans inducing melody for our babe! Grandma would be proud!


So I finished the song-for good measure -even though she was out, swaddled her and now she resides in our bed, because well I'm just not ready to kick her out into her own room-but that's another story for a different night! 

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  1. Lindsey...this touched my heart. After I accepted Christ in Jr. High school, the first church service I attended they sang "Love Lifted Me". I stood in the pew crying...thankful that God's loved lured me to Him. Thankful that I had parents that loved me and prayed for my salvation. Sounds like that song still has power...and peace for a sweet baby. Thank you for sharing!!