Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Here we go again

ok I'm sorry, I say I'm going to get back in the habit of writing and leave ya' hanging. My Bad. 

Habits are weird like that. The good and the bad ones! Like exercising regularly and eating right. When you do it you want to do it more but catch a chest cold and heave like a beached whale on the treadmill for half an hour before realizing you should probably take a few days off and BAM it's a month later and the gym's calling to see if you want to cancel your membership. (For the record-never cancel-they provide childcare weather or not you're working out!!)

Well, I got out of the habit of writing and now here's to getting back into it. 

So life recently….

I'd love to catch you up on the past 2 years, and I will... in time, but theres more pressing issues.

We bought a house!! 

And by bought I of course mean reached an agreement with the seller to promise to pay the bank a lot of money over a long period of time! 

It's hopefully our forever home. And perfect for our family. Pictures will come once things are more locked down and the house is in our names. 

We've been causally looking for about 9 months (Err maybe longer) and by casually looking I mean getting daily emails and going to multiple open houses EVERY. SINGLE. SUNDAY! We like our house now just fine. We've made it work. But we've know from early on it wasn't the home we wanted long term; it wasn't the house we want our girls coming home from college visits to, or where we want to grow old. So we looked, for a long time, we were picky, and when the right house came along we jumped on it, and someone else had jumped first. 

We called about this house after only 3 days of it being on the market, only to find out that another family had already put in an offer. The realtor took pity on my heartbreak and promised to call if anything fell through, and sure enough three weeks later he called during my book club to let me know something had indeed fallen through. The next day we submitted a bid and now we cross the t's and dot the i's! 

One of those t's that need crossed is that our house needs to sell! The market in the Nashville area is CRAZY right now and houses are selling before they're even fully listed so we not worried. Just another thing on the to-do list! Right under fold the 8 loads of laundry currently residing on my couch and above clean the oven. 

So if you're in the nashville area and looking for a house, here's one for you!

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