Friday, July 10, 2015

Wacked out

About nine months ago my body started to go all cock-a-mamie! I was cranky, and tired, hot, then cold, an insomniac, crazy person. I tried cutting back on caffeine, I tried eating healthier (if you know me you know thats hard-we're already pretty healthy) I attempted to self diagnose and treat with essential oils. Nothing was working. After 3 months I finally caved and went to the doctor. Turns out my thyroid was out of wack. I had hypothyroidism.

My doctor prescribed synthroid and the next day I started taking it. The following day I decided to google it. I learned lots about thyroid function, the endocrine system, and hormone levels. 8 days later I had done enough research to dump the pills and call my doctor. 

I went in with a game plan, my numbers were high but not dangerously high so I asked if I could do some experimentation on myself. She smirked and asked what I had in mind,(mind you this is a very holistic doctor and the synthroid is considered a VERY safe drug) After discussing our super hippie healthy lifestyle and presenting 3 articles from medical journals she took me seriously and went and got a notepad. (Who's smirking now) 

I explained that I had learned that iodine is a key mineral in thyroid function and while most people get trace amounts of iodine in salt because table salt in the US is iodized we haven't used table salt for years, we use Himalayan pink salt and won't be changing anytime soon (more on that another time), So in short I was probably iodine deficient, secondly my body had been having babies, miscarriages and nursing for nearly 5 years, and that this past year was the first time my body had gotten a chance to regulate naturally there was something bound to be off. 

I went on to explain my use of essential oils and how some applied to specific places helped cleanse the body of built up toxins, and stimulate lazy parts. After nearly an hour of talking we had formulated a game plan, mega-doses of iodine, morning and night,  endoflex oil applied over the thyroid and nutmeg oil rubbed directly over the adrenal gland in the afternoons. Consuming as much coconut oil as i could stand (I hate coconut and blended it in smoothies) and Yoga 3 times a week. 

Well yesterday I went in for some blood work and guess what, my numbers are all normal! 6 months of smelling like a spice cabinet and being diligent about following a health treatment plan I had a say in and my thyroid isn't just being supplemented it's HEALING!!! EESCHK! I'm so excited. I have a few more months of vitamins to make sure my body's got the hang of things, then we can taper off and I'm free. no daily pills for me! 


  1. That's awesome! Sorry to hear about miscarriages :( Glad you have been able to figure out your thyroid though.

  2. I think it's important to say for other readers that a very high number of thyroid conditions in the US are actually autoimmune in nature and not a result of iodine deficiency. It is extremely important for each oerson to know the source of their illness prior to self treating or discontinuing supplemental thyroid hormone replacement medicine. Doing so could actually result in a thyroid storm which is life-threatening and critical. Autoimmune thyroid disease is a result of ones natural antibodies attacking the thyroid gland resulting in either deficient or overprotective hormone levels. I have taken Thyroid Medicine for 17 years, and while I grieve my old health, I am constantly seeking to educate myself, hear from experts and find the balance of what leads to my best self. Many women live with the chronic, debilitating struggle of thyroid disease. It seeks to steal ones spirit at times and is complicated at best. I feel the responsibility to advocate and short cut the fight for others if I can, knowing that time, focus, and determination while vital are not magic wands. I am so very glad you are well and that this is not your fight.