Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The house

Well in a whirlwind of life events our house sold the day it officially hit the market.

It was chaotic at best, but we are thrilled to not have had months of showings and keeping the house in perfect condition.

It sold sooner than we thought it would and we close on both houses in 12 days....12 DAYS!

There are boxes everywhere, we're pawning stuff we don't want anymore off on friends and throwing away anything the girls will let us get away with.

Yesterday we had an inspector come out to take a look at a crack in the side of our house. It's sort of the dark side of the moon to us. It faces our neighbors driveway and there's only about a foot of yard so we don't go there much and honestly didn't even realize it was there.

Well turns out our little friend is actually a minor crack in the foundation and while at this point isn't the worst case scenario it's still WAY more expensive than we had anticipated for home repairs. We're in a pinch to get it fixed before closing so next week will be an interesting time of loan documents, construction workers, movers, and parents in from out of town to help rescue us from all the madness. 

I'm a little sad to be leaving our first home. Where we brought our girls home from the hospital and where they took their first steps, learned to climb stairs, and ride their bikes. 

But we're so excited for what's to come. 

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