Wednesday, September 30, 2015

10 weeks

Just to clarify, this is a recap since we kept the pregnancy pretty hush-hush for a while. Little tidbits I didn't want to forget when this one is grown!

When left to my own devices and on bed rest I google.

When one is on bedrest for any reason to threaten a pregnancy one should not google but google I did.

Unfortunately during this time we were in the process of more house showings which meant me being terrible at bed rest. On night when we had a showing (that turned out to be our new buyers) I was craving hot wings, so to hot wings we went-(because this isn't our first time Jared has learned just to give into the odd cravings) We went we ate, I got heartburn. All was well. We can back home and I resumed my bedresting. I laid down and as I listened to the bedtime noises going on down the hall I felt a very distinct movement.

I was shocked but through all the stress of the past two weeks it was just what I needed.

The next day we got our second buyer, bought a car to replace the BMW and Jared got a job offer from an exciting new company. Excitement but stress.

I learned lots and lots about what we now refer to as SCH (subchorionic hematoma) and got more and more paranoid. I didn't have an appointment with me OB scheduled again till 12 weeks but called and begged for an ultrasound to be ordered at that visit for the hematoma monitored and they obliged.

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