Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Glucose Test

So today was my blood glucose screening, a standard test done to all pregnant women to test and see if they have gestational diabetes.

The doctor told me to eat normally before the test, not to worry about sugars and such. However, heeding the advice of my big sister and many online mom's I decided to abstain from sugar and most carbs yesterday. As to try and avoid a more extensive painful test if this one is failed.

Now normally I'm a fairly healthy person! I eat tons of fruits and veggies, whole grain-everything possible, and as much organic as I can stand. I don't eat out unless our friends are planning something, and don't eat sweets, really because I've never had much of a sweet tooth.

But ya know the old trick where your told your not allowed to do something and that becomes all you can think of. Well that was me. Virtually all I could think about from the moment I woke up was cookies-my husbands sweet of choice, which he believes proves the baby is his. But all day I wanted oreo's and snickerdoodle's, sugar cookies with way too much icing, which chocolate macadamia nut cookies and chocolate crinkles.

I tried to fool myself by eating a sugar free graham cracker with reduced fat peanut butter-lol yeah right!

Jared likes to go to the doctor's with me, which most of the time, really isn't necessary. They weigh me, make me pee in a cup, measure my belly and say, "do you have any questions?" literally thats it. Nothing fun! There are a few important visits that I'm glad he's been at, the first heartbeat, the ultrasound, and this one!

I didn't eat breakfast per several peoples advice, and it wasn't to complete torture because my appointment was at 8:30am, but withholding food from pregnant women is just not a good idea! I got to the doctor and they give me this wonderful orange drink, perfect substitute for my lack of breakfast, more or less un-carbonated, cheap orange soda, that i was required to drink 10 ounces of in 5 minutes.

As many of you know and have learned because of my previous-post I hate needles, well after chugging the orange liquid i had to sit and wait for an hour anticipating getting my blood drawn, this just makes it worse, when it comes to needles, surprise is better-in my book!

They took me back and did the normal, pee in a cup, measure my belly, blood pressure-mine is freakishly low, weigh me, I've gained, 20 pounds, which is right on track for a healthy baby :) But still freaks me out in so many ways! My doctor recommended some local pediatricians and finally it came time for the stick! I didn't cry this time, I was extremely proud! But I did have to be reminded to breathe! Jared was very supportive and didn't squeeze my hand back in retaliation, but simply let me clench his hand while he encouraged me to growl-seriously.

The Dr said that no news is good news but that I would have my test results back by monday!

Fingers crossed!

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