Monday, March 15, 2010

Grandpa came for a visit

So my dad came down from Cincinnati this weekend to help get the nursery ready.

I know, I know, we're slackers, I'm in my third trimester and we hadn't even started the nursery!

Anyway my dad is an amazing painter, and he offered months ago to help paint the nursery, and we unhesitantly took him up on his offer!!

The bedding we have picked out (and my mom already bought for us-yeah for peaking at registry's) is this very girly and foofy and I love it.

After carefully examining paint chips, and asking every other female i know for their opinion, we decided to paint the room two shades of pink. A dark rose pink on the bottom, and a light angelic pink on the top, separated by a brown trim-line in the middle. Yes it is similar to the picture!

We began Saturday morning with a trip to Home Depot to buy paint, while Jared painted the ceiling (a must when re-doing a room.) We carefully laid out drop cloths as to not drop pink paint on white carpet-it happened anyway. I trimmed in the baseboards and ceiling, which turned out to be quite a task at 7 months pregnant with ten foot vaulted ceilings, but my dad and Jared were very carefully watching me and they did the rest.

It was an exciting and confusing experience all at the same time, since we've been in the new house, approximately 5 months, we have redone 4 rooms. Every room has a purpose. You know what you'll use the room for while you're planning the decor, what will be in it, the aura of the room if you will. But with this room it was different, I have no idea what it will be like to have a daughter. What will take place in the room, aside from sleeping and diapering? how will the room feel in a few months when she gets here? In a year when she's old enough to walk in the room herself? But through all the wonderment that was taking place, I was excited. Now I have a place for her. She has a place to call her own.

Jared is touching up the woodwork next weekend, I ordered beige decals to place in two different places and we still haven't found the light fixture, so it's not quite complete yet.

Even thought it isn't finished yet it's a totally different room and it's pretty, and pink, and every time i walk by I linger in the doorway and smile and simply can't wait for Addiston to be here! To meet her, to lay her down in her bed, to rock her in the chair by the window, to love her.

Don't worry there will be pictures ASAP!


  1. You better post pics soon! Glad everything went smoothly! Can't wait for that baby girl to enjoy her room!

  2. I wish I could be there for all the excitement the precious little girl will bring. I miss you and can't wait to meet her!!!!! I am glad you got to spend time with your Dad and get the nursery almost complete! Love and miss you! Love, Addiston's fav aunt Bethy:)