Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So lately I have been busy, cleaning the house, finishing the nursery, preparing for this little miracle growing inside of me. Jared has been taking everything in stride and like a champ has dealt with my melt downs, panic attacks and great fears without ever breaking a sweat.

I've decided..."No stress!" so what if every little thing on my to-do list isn't done by the time she gets here. I'm not naive enough to think that a newborn baby is going to care weather the den is redecorated, she won't mind if the piano bench gets re-upholstered, and she more than likely won't care if the chandelier in her room has gold facets or silver one's. So "no stress" instead I've opted to be excited. Here are a few things I'm excited about...

These nieces and nephews, there are nine, so far! They are all excited to meet Addy and have told me of the things they will teach her, the games they will play and that they love her. This past weekend I got to see most of them, and the younger girls (the one's sitting on top of the couch) decided they were able to hug the baby (my belly) without hugging me-they only wanted to hug their cousin. :) The whispered secrets to her, and told her they loved her. It's so comforting to know that she is so loved already!

It's springtime, which means neighbors grilling, the lawn needs mowing (where Jared is right now) and the birds wake me up every morning. I wish I could hop on one of these bikes and ride around the neighborhood, but as any pregnant woman knows, once you hit the third trimester, your balance goes out the door. Regardless of how experienced you are on a bike. (I happen to be semi-pro :) and have ridden the entire California coast line-1100 miles) I can't wait for Addiston to be here so I can push her around on beautiful days like today in our new stroller.

This is Assisi, it is the most peaceful place I have ever been and I hope that we are able to go back someday as a family.

Cooking! My #1 stress relief, and something I have been doing a lot lately. This is me last year in italy, helping make real italian pizza's a a restaurant we stopped at for lunch. I was enamored by the man tossing the pizza's and tried multiple times to take a picture, long story short, he asked me to help, and this is a story I will tell my grandchildren. In honor of Italy, tonight I made homemade spinach portobello ravioli!

So for now, "no stress" I'm enjoying by baby. being pregnant, feeling her kick, when she gets the hiccups, and yes even when she punches me in the spine. Before I know it she'll be here, so I'm going to enjoy this time while I have it and not worry about getting everything crossed off my to-do list!
No stress!

For now at least :)

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