Tuesday, June 1, 2010

stranger in the produce isle

Sunday after church Jared and I had to stop by the grocery store.
normally I do the shopping during the week but this baby has captured my higher brain function and well I forgot a few things that we needed and the store is on the way home!

So there we were, picking out the best head of red cabbage for me to make chipotle cole slaw and an older lady walked up to me and grabbed my hand. i felt something in her palm but couldn't see it because this complete stranger was holding my hand. She said "here I want you to buy something for that sweet little girl you're about to have" I looked down as she loosened her grasp and there was a $20 bill in my hand. I don't even remember what I said. I remember being shocked.

She said something else (which I also don't remember) and I told her that I was having a girl and she wasn't even surprised, she already knew that. She just said to love her and have a blessed day then she disappeared into the bread isle.

So whoever you are, a sweet old lady or an angel, Thank you. We plan on loving our little girl with our whole hearts and will tell her about the stranger in the produce isle who started her college fund!


  1. AW that is the cutest story ever!!! Addiston and you both will always have that neat moment to cherish!!!

  2. Wow! Just gave me chills! I am so excited!!! Hopefully in 2 days our less, you'll be holding your precious little angel and I'll get to snuggle her too!!!

  3. That is so sweet! Definitely gave me chills as well. Can't wait to see your precious little one. You are both gonna be great parents