Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Labor and Delivery

Yesterday I got to take a field trip.

This was not the type of field trip where you take a permission slip home for you parents to sign and anticipate for weeks on end until finally you get a blessed day away from the monotony of school to the sanctity of the zoo or the state court house or if your lucky the children's museum! This was an unexpected field trip, with little warning and no preparation!

I woke up with cramps, in my lower abdomen wrapping around to my back. I'm had a few stints of unpleasantries throughout pregnancy but for the most part I've been blessed! I did the normal things that are suggested when you are in pain and preggers. I drank a ton of water, laid down and rested and finally topped it off with a warm bath. Nothing was helping so I gave in a called the doctor.

To my surprise they told me to go strait to Labor and Delivery, that to them it sounded like I was in labor. I didn't feel like I was in labor, but heck what do I know this is my first time doing all this so I took their advice and headed in.

Jared was already at work and I called and told him I was going in but that I was almost positive the baby wasn't coming so just to stay put and I would keep him updated.

They checked my cervix, still only 1cm dilated, hooked me up to a monitor that tracked Addiston's heart rate and my contractions that apparently I was having every few minutes. (HA-for those of you who thought me a wimp, I didn't even know I was having contractions, that's how tough I am) After an hour or so they checked me again, no change. They said I could wait there and be bored or go home but that they were positive I wasn't having a baby any time soon. I opted to head out! The nurse assured me that I was in Labor just the very early stages of it and that may take a few days before things start to get real with this being my first child and all.

Tiffany came to the hospital to sit and be bored with me! So we went out to lunch, grocery shopping, then back to my house for the afternoon.

36 hours later and still numbing constant cramping mainly in my lower back. Today the doctor told me just to try and rest and that we could discuss things further at my appointment on Thursday. So here we go, 4 days past my due date and no significant signs of baby in sight.

However on the bright side my husband has taken sympathy on me and offered to cook me dinner and rub my back tonight, I think I could milk this a few more days, hehehe.

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  1. definitely milk it for a few more days :P except maybe you should have Addiston, and then still request the back rubs and dinners :)