Friday, February 11, 2011

On the Brighter side

This week has been a hodge podge of randomness. Doorbell rings holding visitors and excitement. Texts of disappointment. Home cooked dinners followed by late nights and early morning coffee. So deep breath in, let it out and look on the brighter side.

A package arrived early in the week.
I love this little Amazon smile on the side of a box, to me it means good deals and normally something fun. This time it was a pegboard to put in the garage for Jared's tools and a mat for the laundry room. Yeah I know I picked it out paid for it and was expecting it but it wasn't as fun as I wanted it to be. On the brighter side, My garage is now Organized and cat litter isn't tracked out of the laundry room!

I've been getting up at 6 to have some me time and read my bible, which typically leads to an early afternoon slump of a mom, resulting in my lack of motivation to work out. On the Brighter side, Addiston is now obsessed with spinning and being tossed, so whether I want it or not I'm getting a workout.

Everything in the household is getting use out of the piano but me (the one person who knows how to play-somewhat) but on the brighter side, it's insanely out of tune and she gets so stinkin excited when she realizes that she is creating that beautiful off key noise!

The Laundry didn't all get done, the house may have a few places that are still dusty, but I won't have to look at it because the bags are packed and we're flying up to Jared's parent's tonight. We've never taken Addy on a plane before and I'm nervous that she'll be one of those babies that cry through the entire flight. Here's hopin' for a sleepy girl!

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