Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Sorry for the blogging hiatus, we've been preoccupied with life and as much as I love sharing my life sometimes you just can't do everything, sometimes when you're juggling a hundred things one's bound to fall, like laundry! When I get busy I choose to forgo doing laundry, just casually let it pile up till it's as tall as I am and we are all running out of underpants.

Jared was out of town for a week. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I love to travel, as does he, so we tried to make it a family vacation but couldn't get the little one a passport fast enough so he went, we stayed and I was filled with jealousy however we will not be giving up any more excuses to travel so passport papers are being prcessed! My dad came down for a few days to keep me company and it was so sweet to see Addiston warm up to him and it was nice that he let me sleep in an extra hour or so after she decided that 6 am is an appropriate wake up time.
Jared was able to skype us a few times, and sure enough Addiston would charge the laptop trying to tackle him and grab at his face, it was sweet and terrifying all at the same time.

Addiston is getting so much better at walking, she's up to 10 steps between people, she still won't walk on her own, you have to stand her up and back away, but she could if she wanted to so we're keeping a close eye on her because it's gonna happen soon and then we're in big trouble!

While Jared was gone I got a few days of just me and my girl and while I loved every minute of it being girl time I also got a rude awakening of what it would be like to be a single parent and decided that I'm NOT cut out for it. I gained a new appreciation for the Daddy and all he does, and how much my girl loves him. She was sooo excited to see him when he got home and my body has been on strike from getting up in the middle of the night since he got back-i have no idea how that happened.
Jared came home from work Monday night and asked me to unpack his lunch box for him, he was playing with the baby so i chose to forgo reminding him that I'm his wife not his maid I obliged, I plopped the teal 1980's square igloo wanna-be on the counter and unzipped it, much to my surprise there was no leftover food inside, no tupperware containers with moldy veggies or caked on microwave-baked-on cheese but a box for a brand new video camera, (something I wanted to buy but didn't think was in the budget) after confirming that he didn't steal it from work but in fact bought it, I was elated. He reminded me that our little one is on the verge of walking on her on any day now and that he didn't want to miss recording those memories. This of course after he suggest I just rapid-fire take pictures of her walking and then we make a flip book! I'm glad that I have a husband who understands the necessity to smudge the bottom line every once in a while for family memories!
ok well there's a little one attempting to climb over my shoulder and shove her pacifier in my mouth so I'll leave you but I promise not to stay away so long next time!

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