Friday, July 8, 2011

short and sweet

Life has been busy! I've been on an insane organization kick lately, sick of tripping over stuff and not knowing where stuff is, trying to streamline and be more efficient. Life is going too fast, I need a pause button. Addiston is a walking machine, climbing onto everything and fearlessly attempting to go head first in attempts of getting down. She's eating more solids and SLOWLY learning how to use the sippy cup.

I haven't taken very many pictures the past few days as good light is absent, and that vibrant inspiration that's easily ignited by the sun seems to be a little lacking these days. It felt good to force myself to take a few shots on the holiday though. We had a great fourth, celebrated with good friends and our girl was patriotic!
she learned to use an ipad and got more than enough attention as she was the youngest one by about 23 years!

she's a rockstar on gymboree day's and I must admit I love watching her with her friends, she's adventurous and reserved, confident but patient.

It's rained three days in a row and the monotony of this weather pattern is wearing on me and affecting my mood. Right now I'm missing college days, sleeping in as late as I want on a saturday, spending hours watching re-runs while claiming to study, scrapbooking through dinner then getting way to dressed up to go out. I'm feeling a burnout comin' on! The last two weeks addiston has been sleeping less and the only way that she will nap at all is if I driver around for half an hour! BLAH! In ten years I'll want her to spend more time with me so I'm going to try and be positive and enjoy then time I have with her now! Well I promised short and sweet so there you have it.

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