Thursday, July 21, 2011

sweet sleep

Addition slept through the night in her crib for the first time last night in about 6 months. I went out with a friend for ice cream about her bed time so the daddy put down about 9 o'clock (a little past her usual bed time.) But she slept until 7:30 this morning when jared had to go in and wake her up. She made a noise about 3:30 but neither of us went in and she just worked it out herself and went back to sleep after a few seconds. It was so refreshing to get a full night's sleep. Addiston is such a good baby that I don't feel like I should complain about her at all but she hasn't slept through the night in her own room since before she cut her first tooth which was super bowl sunday. Needless to say last night was much needed.

My 8:45 am looks like this!
PhotobucketMy new favorite mug, and while I'm sipping on coffee and feeding addy her usual breakfast, oatmeal, half a banana, milk and an egg. I looked out my window to spy my neighbor pulling in his driveway eating an ice cream cone. I mean really ice cream for breakfast? and where on earth is there an ice cream parlor open for breakfast?

Addiston has been so much fun lately. Learning so many new little things you can almost see light bulbs illuminating inside that little nogin of hers! There are so many ways that she's like Jared but I love it when she does something that's all her mama. For instance, the chick loves to floss-ME. She sees me do it every morning and one day I gave her a lil flosser and sure enough she loved it, pit it in her mouth, bit it and wouldn't let go for anything, just laughed and every morning since then she flosses.
PhotobucketShe's always wants to be cuddled in her sleep-totally her dad, I need some personal space. But she's a lite sleeper-me. She's super reserved in a group-her dad. But in the privacy of her own home she kicks back and practices her race car driving.
PhotobucketVroom-vroom noises and all! She will eat just about anything which both of us will do, she's got some killer balance-me, and loves to take super long baths-both of us.
PhotobucketIt's so amazing to watch her form a little personality, and it's kinda creepy to see your own personality come out in your kid.

We said goodbye to these guys last week.
PhotobucketWe've had them for about three years and I teared up when we were loading their stuff into a friends car, but right now at this point in life they need attention and we just don't have the time and energy to give it to them. But they are in a good home and got to stay together. Fortunately, Addy hasn't even noticed they're gone. New house rule, no pets until kids are old enough to ask for them, meaning they're old enough to help with them!

This weekend, I spent hours in my closet in an amazing purge that was, believe it or not, actually enjoyable. Addy tried on discarded old clothes and climbed over the obstacle of hangers blocking the entryway, and together we surrendered to the beautiful potential of...more organized. Then it just crescendoed to heart-racing levels of potential. Cleaning overlapped to other areas of the house while I dreamed of room makeovers, DIY projects and thought about the potential that dwells in the coming months. So I got a little carried away and cleaned out the closets in the two spare bedrooms, and began purging the down stairs, deciding that we are now converting that bedroom into a toy room, which turned into a need to move some furniture out of there, so at 11pm on a Saturday night Jared and I rearranged the furniture in our bedroom to make room for more, and did you know I fit inside our lil black cabinet?

Well that's all I gotta get my girl to bed, here's hoping for another all nighter!


  1. Love love love. I'm so glad she slept last night! Mom phone date soon.

  2. AnonymousJuly 28, 2011

    I have to chuckle when I see that pic of Addy at the wheel , nothing like starting out young ! Should we send it to Joe Gibbs Racing , they may see a future here ?!