Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Around 6am every morning the sun slowly reveals a sliver of it's golden glory atop the house across the street from us. It's beautiful if you're up to see it, framing the house in a very touched by an angle kinda way. It starts slowly illuminating the street and then the yard glistening with dew from the night before, eventually it rises to above the towering trees behind their house and like magic a baby begins to cry.

You see Addiston's room however beautiful and magical a little girl room it is, faces east and has a massive arch window, my girl is cursed with my light sleep and wakes with the sun every morning. Jared usually goes and gets her and she cuddles with her mama in the big bed for another hour or two before she starts to smack me on the side of the head (I'm pretty sure that's 13 month old for gentle) then as soon as I open my eyes I hear "hi" I can't help but smile and kiss the top of her crazy bed head. She pops up like a muskrat and looks from side to side, straining her neck to see into the darkened bathroom then pointing to the closed closet door, behind pacifier she declares in a questioning tone, ""

The last three weeks or so Jared has been going into work a little earlier. Addiston's schedule is a little better. When the sun wake's her he very slowly starts to get ready for work and usually by the time Addy gets up he's gone. I attempt to explain that he's at work and he'll be home later to which she points to my phone and says, "" so we call the daddy. You can hear the smile in his voice as he greats his girls giving us the report of his day so far then maintaining a one sided conversation with his daughter as she presses buttons on the phone. Eventually she always hangs up on him on accident and we go about our morning routine.

I've been boiling over with house idea's and projects lately. Pintrest is causing me to loose more sleep than I'd like to admit. The toy room is making slow progress. Yesterday I refinished two dressers for our bedroom and I've been re-organizing little odd spots around the house. Addiston is amused by me sorting papers and scrambling around. Sometimes she hops in on the action, but just like her dad she prefers to sit back and take it all in.

While I thrive on holiday adrenaline and birthday party planning sessions, new projects and crafts, it's the in-between that is truly worthy of celebration. Right now I miss my family, the little things, watching my sister's kids run around half naked after bath time, watching my nephew's latest tricks, being able to sit down and play cards with my grandma. There's something comforting about being able to just show up unannounced, having people pop in on you, having people love your kid like their kid. So to make up for not having family, live around the corner we improvise, with sweet older ladies from church who love on my girl and college friends who play peek-a-boo on command.

As much as we love our friends, sometimes it's just not the same. We mask the distance with phone calls and probably put way to many miles on the new car. Usually I talk to my dad about every day but he's been M.I.A for the last few days. So look dad the baby gate's up!

Well it's late, I've been chipping away at the bag of pistacios placed strategically next to me by my husband waiting to go to bed and in less time than I'd like I'll hear ""

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  1. AnonymousJuly 28, 2011

    Hey Lindsey!! Loved your post as usual!! I wanted to share something with you that I just read about the other day! It might help with Addiston waking with the sun!:) Cover all the windows in her room with tinfoil! Yes you hear right! HA!! I guess it is supposed to do a great job with keeping all the light out. Another blog did a post on it since her kids always woke up as soon as light started to stream in. Light doesn't seem to bother Savannah yet but if it would I think I would give this a try! She said to tape it to the window, and make so there are no cracks. Also it does look a little trashy from the outside, but if it works I am sure you won't care!! :)Just thought I would share!! let me know if you try it!! Love your sweet Addiston!!
    Lori Weaver