Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We made scones the other morning.
I don’t know why but about 30 seconds after Jared pulled out of the driveway I got the urge to make scones, from scratch.
Now I love to bake, most people who know me know this fact. But since Addy was born I’ve done most of my baking while Jared has been home. Well Addy is getting a little bigger and she has so much interest in what I’m doing in the kitchen so I decided to let her help.
I plopped her up on the counter and she did great, watched me pour and mix and tried to help stir. She watched me roll out the dough and then decided she’d flatten it out a little more by smacking it for five minutes or so.
We waited patiently for them to bake for 20 minutes then she sat pointing very impatiently for ten minutes while I let them cool so that she wouldn’t hate them when she did get to try them.
Well when the girl finally got her hands on them she went to town.
She ate hers, half of mine, and wanted more. I think my kitchen counter may be permanently stained blue,
but it was totally worth it!

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  1. love it. Lily "helped" me peel carrots yesterday for the soup we were making and it completely freaked Jesse out that I had her standing on a chair next to me at our butcher block.