Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yesterday we had Addiston's 15 month doctor's appointment. She was suppose to go in a few weeks back but a spontaneous trip to New York postponed our little check-up.

While we were there some friends from church happened to show up and I was a little excited that there were friendly faces there to entertain my little busy body.

While we were waiting for our doctor I realized I haven't given an update on her development lately. So here we go:

Addiston Rose, 30 1/2 inches long (50th percentile) 18 pounds 14.5 ounces (3rd percentile)
can walk (almost run) and pick herself up when she falls.
She can say a little over a dozen words including: mama, daddy, hi, bye, ball, this, that, up, no, & snack.
She sleeps through the night, feeds herself with utensils and drinks out of a sippy-cup or straw.
She has recently taken up napping again and it's such a blessing. She will only sleep in her bed at night during the day I have to lay down with her on the couch or she'll sleep solo in Jared and my bed.

The doctor is thrilled with her development and thinks that she is just cute as a bug. I was a little concerned that she is so tiny so the doctor suggested that we switch from whole milk to toddler formula. It's got more calories so it should put a little more meat on her bones just in time for winter.

I just love spending time with her. I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with her and while some days I get overwhelmed and exhausted, the house will look like it's been vandalized and I'm sure I don't look much better I'm living in the moment. Not wishing her bigger is something I have to make an effort to do. We'll have plenty of time to go shopping, paint nails, and talk in full sentences later. Right now I'm appreciating sweet little hugs that seem like an attempt to tackle me, learning to blow kisses and getting ears and eyes mixed up.

We're constantly learning. I am so aware that I am the biggest example in her life and have been trying to break bad habits and make good ones more obvious. We are emphasizing please and thank you more, singing hymns while we change diapers and reading our bible at the kitchen table. Understanding the principle of See Good, Do Good, Be Good is one thing, but teaching it to my child is a harder task to accomplish.

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  1. Lindsey...got up way to early and jumped on facebook. I am so blessed to see such cute pictures of your cute little girl. I mostly feel blessed to see how you are growing together and growing in the Lord. Singing to her and reading your Bible with her just blesses my heart!! So thankful you are doing well!!!

    Julie Alexander