Friday, October 29, 2010

An evening out

Wednesday was our three year Wedding anniversary.

We don't like to go all out on gifts but prefer to go out to a super sassy restaurant. Our original goal when we got married was to take a trip every year on our anniversary. The first year we went to Italy, the second we had paid for a trip to Hilton head but refunded it to buy a house and this year, well the thought of traveling with a newborn just scares me! We weren't sure we would be able to venture out to a swanky little spot this year because of the babe. And the idea of not celebrating was slightly depressing.

A lovely couple friend of ours watched Addiston and we were able to sneak away to a romantic dinner in the city. There was no taking turns eating a bite or two between pacifying a baby who doesn't want to be in a bouncy seat. There were no rattles thrown on the floor, dishes to do, nor having to rush through the meal so we can give the baby a bath.

Jared picked the restaurant this year and I had my reservations but it was Delicious. We had a great time and feel so honored that even though we don't have family close, we have friends who are willing to help us out on a random weeknight.

Oh and just because I can...
I wore my wedding dress just for the heck of it!


  1. I support the wearing of the wedding dress! I'll have to see if I can find mine at my mom's house and try it on..and see how much I CAN'T zip it up :/

  2. So glad you guys got to go out for your anniversary!! Where did you all go?