Monday, August 8, 2011

One of those days

Jared started a new job this morning. He was nervous-it was weird, my man doesn't get nervous. He's calm, predictable, collected, controlled. It was strange!
Chick knows where daddy comes from...door to the garage!

Addiston cried for an hour when he left, she was still tired, I tried to get her to nap by driving around the neighborhood-that didn't work, but I did take a little tykes picnic table out of a neighbor's trash (I'm pretty sure I looked crazy with a kids picnic table strapped to the top of my BWM through the sunroof-psh it was FREE, I don't care how I looked!)

We came home and ate breakfast then my girl took to crying and attempted back flips out of my arms, back to the car it was, this time to the grocery store. I got dressed, got Addiston dressed, loaded in the car and decided we were going to the good wal-mart, (there are 2 close to our house, one slightly farther-the good one) we got there, she was asleep, I loaded her in the cart, and realized I had left my purse at home-fail! She woke up while I was re-loading her into the car and didn't fall back asleep through the entire grocery trip!
she did however spill cheerios all over the back seat of my car

Addiston's slept in pretty long the last two days, probably on account that we were in the ER till 1am Friday night-Saturday morning. Addy was clingy and feverish last week and while no mama likes her baby to be sick, I relish the opportunity to be needed, to spoon her warm body a little closer and kiss hot cheeks repeatedly. No worries, we just some IV fluids, she was a lil dehydrated and is doing much better, I'll spare you the tramatizing parts, let's just say I wasn't cut out for sick kids and am feeling oh so BLESSED that my kid is healthy!

Jared and Addy slept in until... drumroll please....NOON on Saturday. I awoke at 9:30 and got to work, I checked on them a few times to make sure they were both still alive but mainly I got stuff done.

So today was one of those days, the one's that you wish you could have a re-do, a go back to bed and start over, with coffee in the house (yeah that was missing this morning too!) and leave out the "oh crap we forgot to put the trash cans out last night" a proper breakfast for the daddy's first day at his downtown job. But tomorrow's another day and if we could have a neighborhood parade throwing candy every Tuesday for no better reason than because the most boring day of the week should be celebrated—well, sign me up. Life is beautiful... even without the coffee.

And can I just tell you that you should be here, where I am right now, sitting on my bed, listening to a daddy make his little girl belly laugh in the tub. It is the most beautiful sound in the world and makes all the terrible horrible no good stuff that happened in the last few days seem like a distant memory! Our girl loves her some bath time!

Happy Monday!

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