Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jared's home

It's 1 am and despite my best efforts sleep eludes me. It's our last night at Jared's Parents' house and my mind is racing of all the things coming up tomorrow, this week, next weekend; the reminder that our holiday will be officially coming to an end and normal life will commence soon. Life without card games till midnight were players names are sung in tones of grandeur as if knights being announced at court. Days void of no house cleaning or laundry catching-up, but of mario, car talk, and shopping. There is always coffee here. Seriously. Always. Everyone is always sipping a steamy cup of jo regardless of the time, and apparently my chai tea had some caffeine in it so who knows what time my body will give in.

I'm working up the gumption to bid farewell to Coffee. Our relationship goes way back, and we've certainly had our starry-eyed moments, he slayed me with his foamy cap, his rich and creamy sips, his double shot of caffeine. Oh, he's slick, that coffee. But his caffeinated dark side's been messing with my body, and I wanted to explore other options, date other drinks. So I'm in the early stages of a relationship with this roobious tea. With a little german rock sugar, he has nice swirling capabilities, so we'll see how it goes I'll keep my options open though and keep flirting with the chai.


I love when we get to come up here. It's a far treck from our little country music town (8 hours roughly) but it's peaceful here. The view in every direction is open, still. A car or buggy passes the house maybe once an hour and at night is is dark, no city light pollution, no convenient store generator buzzing, you can see stars and the glow of the moon on the corn. Faith runs deep here, it's not an action it's a way of life, a mindset. Dave and Amanda (Jared's parents) are calm, laid back, and so giving of themselves, no matter who you are you will be offered food, a conversation and most likely coffee. Addiston never hesitates going to them, as if she knows they are safe because they are so calm and we are calm around them. It's so sweet to watch her interact with her grandparents that unfortunately don't live just down the hill as both of Jared's grandparents still do.


Oh and she has mastered the word "dog" and loves the family dog Lacey.


I know I sound all; life is magical, and perfectly fun but traveling with kids is hard. We all sleep in one room which in our case means in one full size bed since Addiston thinks that if she can see us she gets to sleep with us. So we've all gotten very little, we've all been a little grumpy and zoned out, I'm pretty sure we've all gained a few pounds. She is missing one pacifier, Jared did indeed only have one pair of pants for the whole trip and I am short a pair of socks.

We are blessed to have such an amazing family, who loves us no matter what and always offer coffee!

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