Sunday, November 13, 2011


So in our house Sunday's are leftover night. I cook most every night of the week and on Sunday afternoon's we do a pot luck with our sunday school class. It's my day of rest from the kitchen and usually it ends up becoming a crazy combination of dinners consisting of stale chips and salsa two bites of broccoli chicken casserole and sugar cookies. Jared is easy going and if he doesn't spot anything he likes opts for a bowl of cheerios. Well much like sundays in relation to cooking, I've taken a break from blogging over the past week. I've been spending time with my girl and investing in some friends. So here are the leftovers of our lives from the past week or so.

Sister patrols shoes at all times. She is the Keeper of the Flats. The Protector of the Flip Flops. The Shoe closet
Manager. Protecting the innocent shoes of's her job.

She got to wear her chaps, my friend Cassidy picked these out for her at a consignment sale and I love them! She's Euro-chic.

Addiston accidently gave herself a tattoo with an ink pen she stole out of my purse. An inner thigh ichthus fish.

My favorite things of the week:
-My dear friend Jillian got engaged and I got to have her over for dinner to get all the dirty details!
-my husband who barely touched vegetables when we got married told me that summer squash tart is one of his favorite meals!
-I got half a mom-date with my friend Amber-we must complete that!
-We got to go see Wicked with some of our college friends.
-Addiston has taken a two hour nap everyday this week!
-I got to spend an hour as I do every week chatting over lunch with my friend Deirdre.
-We got to see Jared's dad Dave twice!

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